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Giulio Bevilacqua

Kundalini Syndrome/Meditation Sickness. Methods

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Good morning all.

I have seen that many are going through a kundalini awakening. 
It can be hard and difficult.

So in the last period I have gathered some infos about this topic and methods that could help.

Hakuin Butter Method: 


Tara Springett book: Healing Kundalini Syndrome 


I Chi Kung Institute has trained teachers that are dealing with kundalini syndrome, from the recensions of the people it seems that they have obtained great results. :

Check also Igor Kufayev on YouTube he has a lot of stuff for kundalini awakening.

Master Mantak Chia with the Microcosmic Orbit. 

Sky Yoga centers by Krish Murali Eswar. Also on YouTube.


We have to brig balance into the energetic system so that we can cope with this process with more clarity and understanding. There are thousands of aspects to be considered, you can not just surrender it will not work. Or maybe it will take a life time of struggle. 
Thank you hope you get some guidance and help. 

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