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Noah avan

What is love

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This is more of a meta question, and I don't think that any combination of words can "capture" what love is.

The first thing you should be aware of is that you are asking about the very container of ALL experience, a short answer can simply be "this", you reading this response is love, me writing these words is love.

If you try to fathom the nature of consciousness, experience, you'll find that it's mind boggling to say the least, it's the biggest mystery and it seems impenetrable, unfathomable, ineffable, now whatever the image you hold in your mind of this experience is not the real thing, and if you zoom out a bit you'll realize that you were observing one circle, and that circle was within another circle.. ad infinitum

Now, if you can sit with this long enough and see it for yourself, not the idea, not the analogy I gave but the real thing, actuality, you can only ask yourslef why? why did experience "choose" to happen, why does anything exist at all, why all the fuss, all the matter, all the energy, all the thoughts, all the drama, all the sounds, creatures, planets, ideas.. you can only arrive at one answer (and this is what you should find for yourself)

Now, you may arrive at the conclusion that existence doesn't just produce "love", and that's right (from your personal POV), Existence, Reality, Truth, God manifests EVERYTHING, absolutely everything, and Absolute Infinity is synonymous with Love, and that is what you can find out through conscioussness work, or not (maybe I'm just regurgitating what I've heard Leo and other spiritual teachers say), This is why you should verify and find out for yourself.

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