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5-D - L O V E

The window and the apple

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Fragments - Broken Gestalt


Karma, please answer me, If I am all, then why do I see this thread only falling on me?

I am destined to great things, the greatest of all things, above and beyond. knowing inside how deep my roots stretch into darkness, and how wide my branches above into heaven, there is only one way for me, it is also your way, for we share the path, blinded by our differences, words shielding, corrupting our truest intentions, 

Meaning, lost, for my meaning is happiness, simplicity, if there was an after life (in which I don't believe yet I know for fact exists..) I know what I would be creating for myself, simple, friendship, love, pure, innocent. In this life, it has always been murky and stained, so why should I believe that things can transfrom to the shape of my vision, if all my visions have fallen short, I am good, but I aspire for completion, the other side, subconsciously manifesting, unmanifesting, these words don't mean a thing, just fragments of a mind that has accepted too much as is, as god, never screamed in the face of pain, never thought of pain as being pain, until it saw that others screamed for far less.. Divine justice, equanimity, Divine, equanimous, I have taken too much darkness in, and now I can't find the light, or is it that I don't wanna find it? pray for me, for I am lost, pray for me for I don't believe in anything, pray for me.. It's crazy how after losing all hope, after all the dark nights, I still can't just do it, I know my potential, I know it too well, but still I'm choosing to be a devil, is it because of the hypocrisy I've been subjected to? growing in a society that swaped good and evil?


God grant me grace.

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