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Hi Leo! Hope you are reading this.

I did 5MeO for the first time recently finally after a few years of following your videos. I got the message and I saw "god".

And now I know. And I can see what you have created. You are using an "ego", the character of Leo Gura to guide people to it. You get a lot of hate and cause controversy because of the way you share your wisdom. You use strength, assertiveness, and you really drill the message out there on the internet that many people, especially those unfamiliar with psychedelic states find bothersome or "cult-like". Most gurus tend to stay low key and speak softly, which I understand makes it more difficult for those who need guidance to find. 

And since you are targeting the "Youtube" generation, those old school guru personalities just won't fly with these young lost seekers with short attention spans.

It's really a genius move and I know that behind the character of "Leo Gura", you are one and the same as all whom guide us, and all who are guided. 

Thank you for your work. 

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