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Practicing not Practicing

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Everything is thought within thought

Everything can be imagined

Everything can be known

Process is an illusion

But who cares really

Idea is idea is idea


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The answers you're looking for are in the vortex. First you have to be allowing vibrationally. Otherwise all you see is chaos and confusion. It is as simple as that. As obvious as that. 

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If I can imagine living forever then I can live forever. 

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Reality is dimensionless awareness. No frickin need to feel anxious. 

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It is actually pretty darn simple

It is just another mind body

Another self defender etc

No need for those ideas

For those realms

He himself kinda is confused clearly

Being mad at what he's creating y

Mad at his own imagination ish

This is very very absurd ish

Another one like me kinda

Another body mind entity

Another patty entity

This is so weird

So darn weird

He is imaginable in all those ways

He also mirrors my expectation

This can be a fun journey tho

It kinda means that to me

It is another feslegen ish

Another reactive ing ish

And it can be enjoyed

It is my own thought

My own view kinda

He is indicating to me also in a sense

He is not awakened like that also

There is no such awakening

No such enlightenment

Same thing in a sense

Hurting mode kinda

Oneness of being

Alignment etc

In that sense





Imagination yet in its own being ish

Individual and me also in a sense

Kinda like ozge in a sense

No need to know them

That's not the point

The darn etc point

They are myself

My own focus

Inside ish

It is so y

They can be like parallel versions y

Parallel and infinite imaginings y

Parallel olympos beings kinda

My expectations in a sense

These are my own minds

Parallel awareness meh

Vortexverse maybe

Amongst infinity

Endless ideas


Digging y


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There is no such thing as a truth

There is no real world etc etc

There are no real people etc

Arguing is so darn stupid

It is ok if they argue

It is fine with me

People are frickin imagination

Just say yeah yeah and relax

It is the feeling that matters

It is how I am feeling

Don't try to dada


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People are vibrational indications

I can make them go elsewhere

I can make them leave

They are my mind


If I somehow know it, they will go

I do the opposite when I worry

When I doubt, zombies attack

Zombie ish why not thoughts

Such manifestations dada

This is that simple

I just am Allah

I say and it is

Move away


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That was a manifestation, I can do it

There are many other good places

There is nothing I cannot imagine

This is a frickin good desire

Don't demotivate me, bro

I can think the thought

I can want it


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I know what makes her closer to me

The worse I feel the closer she is

They are just selfish a*sholes

I don't need psychedelics

I don't need opinions

Examples and so on

That's imaginable


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My neighbors are a frequency

They are not "there" really

They are not in a place



Alice y

People on tv are dimensionless wave

People in dreams are the same

Not in a spatial location

In a mental location

In a frequency

Tv in a sense

Radio like

Mind like

I imagine them differently in vortex

Universe is not a real thing

Universe is an imagination

This is dream space

Dreamed up space

Dreamed up ones




These beings can be an imagination

This really can be a hallucination

This can be like consciousness

This can be like dreaming


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Feeling good definitely does help. Creativity and ease are connected. I like these guys in that sense. They also are like crazy. She looks nice in a sense. F*ck the weird words. Like automatic parroting. No emotion. Universe is as vibrational as f*ck. Universe is cape like in a sense. These chicks also are like that. Old chicks also. Awareness. Balcony. Harry. Universe is that frickin thought. Unicorn being normal. Physics. Creativity just oozes in a sense. Why not allow life to be easy and nice. Why not experience oneness. Why not receive from rowling. From them. Creating unnecessary resistance. Spewing unnecessary wobble. F*ck it. This reality is real differently. Real in peaceful sense. In love sense. Quiet. These are unhelpful thought forms. Unhelpful worrisome thoughts. Life should be hard etc. Frickin meaningless. Trying to change is unhelpful. It then gets worse. Emotional change is the sh*t in a sense. Emotional nonresistance. People are part of the vibration. People are formless in that sense. Universe is formless in a sense. Awareness y in a sense. Mind y. Mooji ish. And it never is a big deal kinda. Not different in a sense kinda. Resistance. Emotion. It is so. Thought can be implying that. All being mind ish. Where is the space. Where is the where. Nowhere in a sense. Nowhen in a sense. Point in a sense. No point. Universe can be the motion of self etc in that sense. Awareness in a sense. All becoming the point. The point becoming all. Rupert becoming all. Tzu becoming all. Entire existence in a sense. Entire universe dada. 

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Even being mad at the idiots is a waste of time and yeah. 

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