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A Powerful Shadow Work Technique

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Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott is a powerful shadow work technique that can help you quickly shift the challenging situations of your life.

I have written a detailed post under Self-Help Product & Book Reviews. I hope this doesn't violate forum rules. I just don't want anyone to miss this amazing work.

Here it is:


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Thank you for sharing this. Carolyn hits it right on the head.

I started reading the book a couple of days back (after reading your review) . There is a lot more to work through than I initially expected. :D

Recommended for anyone who lacks effectiveness (aren't getting the results they want) cause they have their own Will turning against themselves. 

If you resonate with being an Intuitive Feeler (NF), this may be a goldmine. 

She weird tho. :D

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I stumbled across this post recently, listened to a few interviews, and ordered the book. I'm still reading it but yes, agreed, there's a lot here. I think I'll really get a lot from her work- thanks for posting this!

It's also interesting to see her discuss so many concepts familiar to anyone who follows Leo's work framed in a slightly different way. She's certainly quirky and different; I like that too 

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