Some 'juice' for Leo.

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Leo, You /and here I have a hope that "some day" I'll  become conscious this is also me:)/                                f...... enlightened belfer!

I really want to thank you for your work / I mean the last recordings in the "enlightenment, meditation & mindfulness" category, in which you lead the listener through various exercises, which are actually various forms of self-inquiry / because I experienced / the second time of your work / a great feeling of gratitude /, of course, along with some glimpses /. And rather, I really needed them, since your films haven't contributed much to my practice in a long time and I haven't listened to them at all. So these exercises have, or at least should have, "tremendous meaning and strength" to the serious seeker, and it is good that Leo has started to apply them. I also hope that this thread or the post itself will also be some kind of encouragement or motivation for others.

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