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What study did you guys do or are you currently doing?

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Good day everyone.

Life is getting real for me believe it or not. I wanted to search for studies and follow the intructions my school gave me today to prepare a bit, but realized very quickly that a lot of different studies seem interesting to me. For example, on one hand I want to do something in primatology, but on the other hand I want to study psychedelics too.

As I was going down the entire list of studies which fit my favorite categories (33 pages total, 10 studies per page), I only got to page 10 before having to slow down. I have written down 21 studies already. Stuff is getting overwhelming.

I think it would be best if I hear some personal stories. Where did you guys study? I was personally planning to go to university somewhere in Canada, but am open to any options really. What did you guys like/dislike about studying? How long did the study take? Did you have time to visit friends/family or just in general any free time? Did it take time to adjust to studying instead of normal school? Have you ever been to a university?

Last but not least: How can I implement self-actualization into this? I want to connect my path here with my study, hence why studying psychedelics seems so interesting to me. Not trying to become the next Terence Mckenna or anything, but the scientific research behind all of it seems so fascinating.


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