What happens when an undeveloped person takes psychedelics

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On 10/12/2020 at 3:20 PM, acidgoofy said:

I tripped with one person who is undeveloped and has a pretty unhealthy ego. I think I did it 4 times with him and he had some rough times but every trip changed him for the better.

For example he told me a few years ago that sometimes he would throw trash out of his car window ? Then we did 3 grams of mushrooms together and he had a hell of a bad trip lol it was hard to witness even. But after the trip he became very environment conscious like never dropping even a cigarette or so and it didn't change over the years.

wow that's impressive, I feel like for very obvious things it could be helpful to everyone, like when yo hear stories of heroin addicts quitting after a psychedelic experience I assume they finally see/understand the obvious. 

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