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Visual representation of Wilber's integral theory

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If you are not at all familiar with Ken Wilber's works, then I suggest at least a quick google search before reading this.

I just finished reading Ken Wilber's "Brief History of Everything" (which I highly recommend as an introduction  to Wilber's work for anyone interested!) and had an idea that I think would be cool if someone could carry it out: an interactive, visual 3d representation of Wilber's integral theory. It would include all the quadrants, levels, fulcrum's etc. and could have embedded links to open sub-topics like explanations of different kinds of world-views for example. All in all it would be in Wilber's fashion as his theory: an integral map of the world (as seen in integral theory). This would obviously require lots of skills in programming and designing of these kinds of maps so I myself am not capable of doing it (at least atm ?) but I'm just sharing the idea! What do you guys think of this? Would you like to see something like this be done? Could you do it or do you know anyone who could do it? 


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