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On 2020-10-08 at 5:35 PM, Chris365 said:

how do you perceive other people, when you see/hear them? How is the collapse of subject object duality working in this instance.

Are they also aspects of you?

Yes, people appear as part of the nondual manifold, just like inanimate objects, such as bowls of fruit. 

You'd think the interaction with people now becomes strange when their form and expression is recognized to be an intimate part of yourself, but it really doesn't. Things move along as they always have and the story line continues to unfold, although the energetic involvement now infuses the entire field rather than directed at a particular character in the center of it.

For example, I have 4 young kids. When I am with them--whether we're fighting about bed time, or playing around, or whatnot--ultimately, at the feeling/sensing level, I feel that I animate the entire interaction. Not in that I dictate what is happening, but that I'm the animating principle behind it all. But it's not in a narcissistic way, it's rather that the boundary between self and not-self is not there anymore so you're nothing in particular, or rather there's no you to be nothing or something -- but that amounts to the exact same thing as everything in total.  No boundary to fragment the whole into parts amounts to the parts being nothing but the whole.

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