How to fix your own grudges?

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Lately I have been thinking that this is one of the things that is holding me back in life - my own grudges I have towards old friends and other people. I don’t like to admit I have these grudges but I know I have them and I feel that if I don’t address them then they will always be there to haunt me. 


I have been doing the 18:6 fast for the past week and in the mornings my mind has been going back to the past, and I’ve thought of all the times people have wronged me and pissed me off, and thus I’ve held grudges, without solving the problems there and then. I never said anything back, which I regret not doing. So now it’s haunting me every other day. Not sure if it is the fasting but I haven’t had these thoughts before fasting...


I don’t particularly want to go back because the things I have grudges about were years ago, and the grudges themselves are really silly. If I told them to you, you’d probably laugh and say ‘fuck it and move on, everything’s fine and they won’t remember’


Its eating me up. And I feel I can’t move on until I solve it. I’m not a bad guy and I have grown up massively in the past couple of years. 


Does anyone know how to go about doing this in the best way possible? I know the best way might be the worst way haha.

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Let it go. 

If you keep the grudges, you are only hurting yourself. 

Take in the wrongs of others as a lesson of what is right. Don't judge their wrong because without the wrong, you won't know what is right.

Just let it go.

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