Contemplating about Resistance

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A short describe about some answers 

what is resistance?

what I got so far from short inquiry, I want your opinion about that.

Not trying 



inability to focus


Inability to accept resistance 



playing CSGO and Playstation

what does it entails : lazyness, forgetting

what do I resist most : going out pick up girls, find a job aka life purpose, making a plan goals

If I give 10 percent more awareness to resistance I would...  contemplate other topics.

Im a bit confused if that’s correct.


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What if resistance is a compound-feeling rather than a unit feeling, made out of other thoughts and feelings? Perhaps the source of your resistance is other feelings that have been repressed. At least it seems to be the case for me.

I found this written article very useful (Sedona technique) In my case, applying the Sedona technique allowed me to discover what were the other repressed feelings which were the cause of the resistance.

I still have resistance today, but when I do I know it's not about the resistance itself but about other issues which have not been dealt with properly. To me, resistance is nothing more than a symptom.

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