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Hey, Im interested on your thoughts about other people. You have many videos covering the self, me and how I can change my views and feelings about other people. But I would like to know more about other people. Be it close family and friends, people I know or strangers.


Some things that come to mind that you already said about other people.

-People are not seperated from reality or myself. They are connected to one another or other things in the same way they are connected to me. (How Your Mind Distorts Reality - Needy vs Non-Needy Perception)

-Relationships and friendships should be avoided (Lifestyle Minimalism - Renouncing Your Busy Stupid Life)


I also know, not experience, that the self is an illusion likely instilled by society,

What I would like to know is what do other people mean, is there some kind of prevalent, false concept we have about others (as there is about ourself)? Or the public in general.


Thank you

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