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Crab under a rock

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Is anyone else watching the 5G summit discussions? Or has anyone taken any legal/ local action on 5G in their communities? We are looking at fiber optics for my community.

 I couldn't believe the Senate footage which showed not a single dollar has been spent to test if 5G is safe for humans/animals/bees... plus, that none of the big insurance companies will insure for 5G harm (specifically 5G too) is a huge red flag. Thoughts?

The next paragraph is on a different subject was never posted, but was saved from a while ago... a post I started... I guess when people were first asked to hide in their homes:

I was meditating on this strange feeling... so much of the world/ human manifestations are in a strange energetic place... I saw an image of a crab under a rock... I contemplated...  it's somewhat "safe" but the weight/ pressure of it can't be ignored, no matter how tough we are, plus the confinement can be so oppressive...



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