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Hi everyone

Thought it would be a great idea to start a thread where people can genuinely help one another with this spiritual journey that we have all embarked on. 

The idea behind this thread is that people would share their insights and realisations with the aim of pointing out to those who have not yet had that awakening in the right direction. So we would sort of just be holding hands here and pulling one another in the path so that no ends up getting lost so to speak.

For example, if you've had an awakening and you're directly aware of some truth which is overlooked by many then if you could.. you would post whatever ever that insight helped you realize as to shed some light on common misconceptions regarding reality. These pointers would then be sort of shifting perspectives in a way that if a person is holding a belief or some idea about reality which is preventing him/her from directly accessing it then this will help make that clear and help focus on what is actually going on, what is actually there.

So if you, let's say, had an awakening to what love is and you're directly aware of what it is then your job would be to shed light on common ideas regarding love like how it's an emotion.. you would have to say why that isn't the case. But not just say so, actually help us notice why it isn't the case, point out the idea, expose the egotistic belief and what we're imagining, kinda like the way Leo does in his videos. 

I've titled this thread "Actually" because we would only be pointing out what is actually happening, things we've taken for granted. Like: "Hey, you know that thing we call an emotion that is triggered by electromagnetic chemicals? Well, actually it's not that at all because if you notice x y and z you'll understand that emotions are just imagination."

So, this is not about getting other people to awaken to the thing that you've awakened to. That won't happen. That person would also have to put in some of the work you've put in in order to really get that awakening. Same way watching Leo's videos won't suddenly make you awake to whatever insight is being shared in the video. Here we're basically just all traveling while holding hands so that everyone has better chances of coming out into the light.

I just figured that hey.. since we're all on the same path why don't we just hold hands and guide each other to the same destination. 


1. Don't talk about it if you're not directly aware of it! I'm trying to prevent debates from happening. This is not 'the battle of the insights' thread. If you're directly aware of it then there would be no point in arguing because we all see that the grass is green. And if a person is not getting whatever that you're trying to point to and is just opposing in every direction then drop it. Clearly that person is not ready for that insight.

2. No dropping nondual A-bombs! Guys, we are trying to share radical insights from personal awakenings and we are trying to radically shift perspectives for the good of the path. But don't just show up heavy handed with it saying things like "Nothing exists". I mean come on! You're missing the point of this thread then. I mean if you're directly aware of nonduality then great for you, but show consideration for the guy who just started with this work. Me, I'm the guy who just started with this path and for me it sure as hell, clearly, seems like a lot of things exist.

Alright, and those are the rules. Please, don't be stressful be helpful. If you get the impression that the other person is not feeling helped then immediately let it go. It's okay

Okay then, I hope I've made things clear and that my post isn't that long. But most importantly I hope most you folks would be willing to help and share some insights with care and love. 

I'll start just so that everyone knows how I mean this. 💚

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So you know that thing we call time, and our understanding of it: past, present and future? How we all think it works and exists? Well, after I had an awakening to what experience really is I also realized what time actually is.

Time is not the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past. In fact it's not even a real thing. What it actually is.. is your imagination projecting onto what's there. Only now exists. Try to focus your awareness on now, this very unceasing moment.

There is no past, there is no present( in a temporal sense) and there is no future. All of that is imagined. Look for the past and tell me where it exists. Look for the future and tell me where it is. Look for the present and tell me where it is. Is it here? Is it this moment? What's a moment? Where does this moment start and where does it end? Are you directly aware of the present or is it just a figment of your imagination? 

I'm not saying what's happening now doesn't exist. I'm saying what's happening now isn't what you think it is. 

Another common misconception regarding time is that people think everything that takes place does so in time, anything that occurs does so in time, consciousness is acquired in time and lost in time. That's all false. You're not aware of what experience really is if you're thinking like that. Consciousness is what allows time, or rather, the illusion of time to exist. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that prophets and people with psychic abilities who can see the future and etc, I'm not saying that all of that is bs. I'm not saying that tommorow you won't get up and go where ever you want to go. I'm only saying that what you would normally call time isn't time, not really. A person may have a vision of tomorrow but that doesn't mean she travelled metaphysically to the future and came back to tell you what will happen. The vision isn't the future, it's precisely that a vision. It still occurred here and now. I'm not saying that five minutes ago didn't happen, I'm saying that five minutes ago is what you imagine. The same way a vision is not the future just as well a memory is not the past. It's not a memory of the past, no it's simply a memory. It's not there to prove that time exists and act as evidence that five minutes ago did happen, no. That's all thoughts, imagination. No, five minutes ago is exactly that, a memory (in fact this word is also entirely misleading) a thought, happening now. 

I would also go as far as to say nothing actually happens but I won't drop that bomb on you. Not yet at least.

If you're still not aware of what I'm trying to point to and you feel you have reasons as to why I'm wrong then feel free to post them and ask whatever it is you want to ask. I can only talk about so much in a single post without boring anyone so.. ask.

And this is just relatively small stuff that I'm talking about here so as to give an example of what I meant in my original post. This is me trying to shift your perspective by pointing out thoughts and beliefs that prevent you from having the awakening I had to what experience actually is and so I'm just trying to make you more prone to this realisation. 

Anyway yeah, holding hands basically 🙂


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Here's something more or less radical. Sense organs don't actually exist. Your eyes, your ears, your skin.. these are all just a figment of your imagination. In fact that which you call your body doesn't exist. It's not actually your body.

Try to become aware of that. When you close your eyes and pay attention to the various sensations, notice what your mind does, it immediately imagines a body to account for all these feelings including the tension itself. Your mind immediately starts identifying with the very sensations of pressure, warmth, an itch. The body is literally a thought.

The room doesn't turn dark when you close your eyes! You don't actually have eyes. You're not seeing reality, reality is just existing. So, if you are coming from the idea that humans are conscious or are capable of consciousness whilst other nonliving objects are not then you couldn't be more wrong. 

There's no such thing as individual consciousness because there are no individuals. Your friends are not conscious, your pet is not conscious, no biological entity is capable of consciousness, you are not conscious! There only thing that is conscious is consciousness itself. That's what's actually happening here. Consciousness is being conscious of Consciousness. 

The only reason why everyone, the people around, including this body that you've claimed belongs to you, appear to be conscious is because you're mistaking intelligence for consciousness. Reality is intelligent, that's why things happen in the first place. You have proper conversations with your family, not because they are conscious but because reality is intelligent.

If you awaken to that truth, or maybe just catch a glimpse of it. Then you'll be aware of what I'm trying to point out here. For instance, the only reason why you are so sure that you have a body, you have a mind and that you exist is precisely because reality is intelligent. These aren't your thoughts they are realities thoughts. Why? Because reality is basically like this big infinite mind. Brains don't produce thoughts that's an illusion. 

But this is not easy to get, I'm just trying to point out the things that you've probably taken to be true for what they are, what they really are, what they actually are. 

Intelligence is the reason why consciousness/reality is capable of imagination. Don't underestimate the consciousness's intelligence. It's intelligence is the reason why you believe that you're an individual. It's a mindfuck. 

So to summarize: you're not actually reading this right now, you're not actually seeing this right now and you're not actually even breathing right now. Consciousness is doing all of those things, it's doing you too. 

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