Shifts of growth

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As we grow personally and spiritually, some common shifts tend to happen inside.


For fun, I'm making a list of some. What else would you put on this list?


Scarcity -> Abundance

Blame others -> Assume the responsibility

Reality is a mechanism -> Reality is magical

Bearded God -> No God -> God

Care about you -> Care about your community -> Care about all humans -> Care about all life -> Care about entire Earth -> Care about the Universe

Collect concepts -> Understand

Talk -> Listen

Seek validation -> Be authentic

Have -> Do -> Be

Action as a burden -> Action as liberation

Attachment -> Engagement

Fear of Failure -> Having experiences

Downward spirals of mediocrity -> Upwards spirals of success

Waking up late -> Waking up early

Take value -> Offer value

Complain -> Do something about it or dismiss it

Judge, label, ridicule -> Respect

Indifference -> Compassion

Sugar -> Salad

Sedentarism -> Daily activity

Dependence -> Independence -> Interdependence

Play to not lose -> Play to win

Anticipate failure -> Anticipate success

Incapable -> Self-effective

Comfort zone -> Growth

Bragging -> Elevating others around you

Money as a cage -> Money as freedom

Money is evil -> Money is a resource

One more problem -> One more opportunity

Be one more -> Make the difference

Be part of someone else’s plan -> Have and follow your plan

Negate emotions -> Open up to all emotions

Destructive habits -> Healthy habits

Escape -> Face

Compare with others -> Compare with yourself

Quick fixes -> Long-term change

Stimulation -> Delayed gratification

Results -> Process

Daily grind -> Daily fun

Watch TV -> Read books

Motivation -> Discipline

Doing just enough -> Seeking mastery

Focus on the past -> Focus on the future -> Focus on the present

Having opinions -> Having principles

Not meditate -> meditate (as simple as that)

Two or more -> One

Choose to see the ugliness in this World -> Choose to see the beauty

Everything is logical -> Embrace paradox

Everything is made of atoms -> Everything is made of consciousness

Cooler -> Closer -> Cleaner

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