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How to realize thinking mechanism? and after I find the answer, what's next?

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I argue with people who is materialism that he jugded other people, and I can feel lots smart people could skip this problem. "skip" doesn't mean to ignore them or keep touch with them. I mean some thinkings, ideas or source of their brain system, must be something that trigger toward to positive direction. I want to be respect, but when people judge others, I feel like if he keeps saying this I will be like him, I was angry becoz I want to stop letting him to impact me.

"Thinking mechanism", I don't think I describe this correctly. I mean why A, becoz B, why B becoz C. How you guys realize each thinking relevant to your beginning sufferings?I feel this is good becoz I could understand others instead to use my ego to fight them. emm..just like, how to say, why did I argue with those people and ended to negative, becoz I demand something? that's why I desire to know the origin of my suffering.

I could feel my family why they think like this way, becoz they suffer A, so they react B today. Same as me, when I argue with materialism about judgement, there is something that must trigger my anger, that's why I react this but others don't. But I dunno what did I suffer, or don't remember.

and what's next?? isn't it empty there? if we know brain is just reacted by our situation, what can we do next if we are empty?

(sorry about some bullshiting when you read it, and this is my brain thinking process.)



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