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Enlightenment Experience on Psilocybin Retreat

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Yesterday we headed out with a group to a nice cozy house were we all went to consume truffles for reasons like life purpose, healing or spiritual.

I ate a 15mg dose and quickly puked it all out again. Idk why that happend. The rest of the group didnt. But it felt very good, like a cleanse. Somehow it felt like my body absorbed most of the psilocybin and got rid of the poisonous stuff.

The setting was a really nice. There was a mattress floor and we were encouraged in the beginning to not talk and not leave the room. Most people stayed there lieing down the whole trip, sometimes a laughter, sometimes a cry. There was also a sober trip sitter. The setting is the most important thing. The following events could maybe have happened even without the psychedelic and just this setting.

Wandering around there was a nicely quiet, cold room under the roof. The music in the matresss room was a bit too loud.


Deconstructing reality. Focusing on consciousness.

The visual field was obviously a distraction. 

Many thoughts arise but it was only a decision to engage with them or not. A big distraction, maybe the biggest. But letting them come and go was easy.

Then focusing on the breath. A small distraction.

All leading to nothing. The true Self. There was love or a thought or a smell. But no one to experience them. They were just there. When going back to the others the room just came again. There was no one who walked there. And it is all me. Playfully engaging with the people. Knowing they are my body and are trying to distract again. Lovingly. Staying in that lucid state - a decision. Communication became a bit weird when people where reffering to me, as if I was this identity. Obiously a lie. But maybe also because they went on their own journey.

Thank you Leo. Because your logical explanations and concepts made this process easy.

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