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There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes.

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and I wanna be that thousand people. 


I don't have a happy family. this is why I observe people's emotion for surviving. 

i have trained a nice ability with different views, different perspective,

but I don't have power to get rid of my family's evil, in my mind. that is permanent. 

Sometimes I watch Leo's video only look for magic world, so that I could have a hope, 

I posted here to talk Leo's topic before, show some smart, get some warm and acceptable. 

and I see psychologist, she gave me some similar suggestions, "be coucious to observe my emotion."  

and I realised "evil and angel" is just a choice. 

I feel enjoy with hateful, but there is an answer that self-love is ultimate true that I blindly believe. 

I chose angle, I can see weakness. there is no space to show my pure emotions.

I chose evil, this is a good tool to face this shitty world. 


I respect those people who jump to newer stage in spiral dynamics. this is your game. 

I don't have more energy to face my game. 


The world teaches me boring rules to live better.  "follow" is the only rules with those different sayings.

I desire to tell world, how beautiful to be a thousand Hamlets' readers to see the world. 

this is not an enlightenment, this is just a fightback to those shitty people, hopelessly. 

because I tried, and evil VS this tried,  this shitty world always wins. 


It's sucks.

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