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Trip report in a flotation tank (The universal orchestra)

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I have recently just come back from a very intense meditation retreat which added to such an intense experience in the tank despite being sober. 



As soon as I got into the tank I felt quickly transported into my own mind. I literally became my thoughts, its hard to out into words but it felt I had left my physical body and was now in the realm of imagination, where all ideas originate. It didn’t feel personal at all, this was not my mind but rather the universes mind. Its as though we all share the same mind the mind of the infinite/universe. From this place the universe started playing me a song, however this song was different to anything I had ever heard before, it was almost as though the song was its own being itself. It was expressing to me something, there was a very deep undertone of sadness to its rhythm, it was communicating with me, the song was an expression for all the lost souls out there in the universe and on earth, for the people who have lost there meaning in life, there purpose. To the ones that use to be filled with hopes and dreams when they were younger but have somehow lost there way. For the people who let life beat them down and take the blue pill of the status quo who have completely lost touch with there heart, there mission. There was just a profound sense of meaningless within the song, but it was also accompanied with an absolute sense of wonder within the meaningless. It was as if the secret to life was to create meaning in the meaningless. We are all artists, and god has given us a blank canvas by giving us life so we can paint our expression on there, no matter what it is as long as it comes from the heart. This very much goes hand in something that occurred to me whilst on a meditation retreat recently, how we can only really fear death if we don’t actually live. As in your body and mind can be alive but your soul can start to die long before your body dose and that is the deepest fear of all. The vision for our lives must never get lost, there is so much magic within us and if they never gets expressed it will be a true cosmic tragedy. I wanted to get out of the tank is badly and just express myself in some way but wanted to finish the float till then end. As my initial purpose for the float was just to relax and help relieve some neck tension. Eventually the music started to wear of and I left the tank feeling almost reborn. I had a new thirst for living and expressing myself and shocked at the hidden beauty of life.  

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