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Truth vs Siddhis

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I mentioned that I used to have siddhis, but now my only power is Truth.

I also said that “magic and woo woo happen in the minds of people around me.”

here’s the difference.

before, when I had siddhis, I was residing in Turiya, and the powers manifested themselves in the physical world- which made me stand out like a sore thumb. I wasn’t aware i was doing it because I was in Sahaja Samadhi, but other people saw me as “off.” 

Now, having become established in the Fifth, I don’t perform any siddhis. I simply transmit Truth, and the minds of people around me produce hallucinations to try to suck them back into the Matrix. I dismiss these effortlessly, just by not caring at all, by not noticing in any way. A subtle part of me noticed before, when it was siddhis- it just wasn’t conscious.

massive difference there. Now, no one sees me as “off,” and no one believes I have any sort of powers- thank God. Now, people simply see that the world they inhabit is an illusion.

in other words, it’s all Me now- no one suspects little me of anything.

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