The importance of articulation.

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For whatever reason, there is often a gap between our understanding of our topic and the extent to which it can be put into words. Put the issue of the map is not the territory to one side, as that is not what my focus is. 


It is so often the case that “we know” something but then you hear someone else put it into words so well. It’s as if another person has come to you and magically pulled out that which is on the periphery, subconscious levels of your reality and brought it into direct conscious recognition.

There is an inherent healing property in putting into direct awareness chains of thought which were always in your experience, but the chains of thought were background noise that had an identity which was not precisely known. The awareness from articulating something clears the fog of it being a background chain of thought and brings into the light of your awareness.

It’s why people like journaling, writing diaries, to do lists, talking therapy, and etc. There are fuzzy, background chains of thoughts which are messy and aren't in a form which is easily moved into direct recognition by your awareness. So there is a benefit in being good with words. 

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