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This sub-forum is meant to be unlike other sub-forums. Only start a thread here if you have a high quality conscious resource to share. The resource could be a link, a video, a website, a podcast, an interview, a TED talk, etc. But it must be some external resource link. Do not just start a thread here about some opinion you have. Your link must also be relatively high quality and related to consciousness work / inner work / self-actualization.

The vision for this sub-forum is that over time we will build an amazing list of the highest consciousness videos, interviews, podcasts, teachings, and links on the web. Think of this like a collectively curated list of the best of the best teachings. A newbie who browses this sub-forum should consistently strike gold.

This is community-created resource list which gives our members a chance to make a positive, long-lasting contribution to the forum rather than just debate or talk. Think of this like a Self-Actualization & Spirituality Wikipedia.

  • All threads in this sub-forum will be heavily curated by Mods to make sure they truly belong here.
  • Discussions of the linked resource are allowed and welcomed inside the relevant thread.
  • Do not start a thread in this sub-forum unless you have some external resource to link.
  • Try to keep politics out of this sub-forum. We have a dedicated Politics sub-forum for political resources.
  • Do not link Actualized.org videos here. That is redundant.
  • This is not a place for self-promotion.
  • Give your post a good descriptive title, so people know what they're clicking on.

It's important that we maintain a high quality threshold for content in this sub-forum in the same way that Wikipedia does.

Here are some ideas for threads to get your mind jogging:

  • The Best Of.... XXXXXX (replace XXXXX with any quality spiritual teacher: Osho, Ekhart, Spira, Mooji, etc.)
  • Resources For Addiction Recovery
  • Resources For Kriya Yoga
  • Science & Spirituality Intersects
  • Top Muslim/Sufi Spiritual Resources
  • Top Christian Spiritual Resources
  • Best Schools Of Yoga
  • Best Hatha Yoga Online Programs
  • List Of Top Meditation Teachers
  • List Of Top Spiritual Retreat Centers
  • Conscious Sexuality Resources
  • Best TED Talks Relevant To Spirituality
  • Best Psychology Lectures
  • Best Philosophy Lectures
  • Best Environmentalism Podcasts
  • Best Marketing Courses
  • Top Resources For Starting Your Own Business
  • Motivational Talks
  • Top Resources For Building A Powerful Morning Routine
  • Top YT Fitness Channels
  • Top Online Indian Gurus

As you can see, there's enormous potential here.

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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