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I just finished watching Leo’s “What Is Love?” video. First of all, wow... what an extraordinary episode. I especially liked the part near the end where he demonstrates a fake vs. a real smile. I highly recommend this episode for anyone open to hearing an in-depth explanation of why most of us fail at loving one another (to various degrees of course). I even suggest watching this video with those close to you, in my opinion, like family members (like I did) or an intimate partner because I feel like this episode has great impact when you watch it with them as long as they’re open to it.

Near the end of the video he gives practical tips on how to practice love in our day-to-day lives. One idea that sprung up after finishing the episode was to create a habit to hug each my immediate family members once a day when we’re all together (i.e. my dad, mom, sister; we do live together). I gave this suggestion to them, and they were very open to it. So we tried it yesterday, and of course I didn’t feel 100% genuine while doing it.

I honestly never hugged them before, except my dad in a playful manner. I would cuddle him in bed as a kind of joke for some reason; he hated and resisted it lmao. So the only time I hugged them consistently and not in a joking way was when I was a child.. I’m 23 now. There was actually one spontaneous moment a few weeks ago when I experienced a mystical experience that left me in awe. It was so profound, but so clear at the same time, that I was left with unquestionable love for them. There was no story for who they were, and I didn’t feel any separation from them. It was like I was born again, but they were not strangers at all.

What do you guys think of this habit? Do you personally hug your family members? Do you think this will feel “natural” the more we do this? Like I mentioned with the mystical experience, I didn’t have to practice or plan anything, but since then I have not felt that same love to that degree. 

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1 hour ago, theking00 said:

hugging is for weak people. 

I bet you never experienced a real hug then :P

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