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Psychosomatic vs. Physiological issues

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Hi everyone!

I've been contemplating the question whether our ailments are mainly psychosomatic vs. physiological for a long time. I used to resonate more with the idea that they are primarily psychological, because the more scientific and physiological explanation always seemed too simplistic and didn't match my subjective experience. 

Let's take digestive issues for example. It's pretty common that these issues "run in the family". But is that a proof of a genetic cause? I don't think so, because we tend to form similar coping mechanisms as other family members, so the digestive problems could also be a symptom of similar coping mechanisms and not necessarily biologically determined. 

The second explanation matches my own experience better than a purely genetical one, because depending on my emotional state symptoms change and even disappear. 

But now I'm thinking both explanations can be true, as the distinction may just be an illusory duality. Maybe it just depends which side of the coin we're contemplating. 

I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this subject :)



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