The Lie We reside in and The Nature of this Lie

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What is the fundamental nature of a Lie? Yes, One needs to add more and more lies to the original lie in order to sustain its illusion of truth. 

The fact that in this reality we reside, everything seems to be working through some laws, called by us such as chemical, biological, physical - laws, and that there is a need to explain how things work. This alone fact is proof that this reality is just a lie/illusion, therefore it has all these laws/history elements in order to fool You(IPoA)/Individual Points of Awareness that this is a reality, aka. The Truth. If this reality Was True, then everything would just "Be" without the need for endless physical laws and explanations as to how this reality works and sustains itself. Because, If God is all-capable due to his infinite nature/imagination, this means that the True Origin-Consciousness/God does not need any explanations aka. laws-physical, chemical, etc. in order to create/imagine and make it exist. God just wills/imagines and it exists, there is no need for chain reactions of laws. 

In other words it was necessary to create the "idea/lie" about the existence of organs, and one of the organs being in your skull which we call Brain, to make You believe in the lie that an idea of an organ called Brain "idea/lie" contains your Mind/Consciousness, However! THIS CANNOT BE, Because the brain itself was created by The Mind/Consciousness!

Do You Understand now? The Mind/Consciousness is what is Real, It is the origin of every thought/idea/imagination including the humans, with their organs and brains. The Brain was imagined/created by God just so you would fool yourself/believe that You are the body and that it makes sense that Your mind is the product of the Brain which consists of dead matter. 
Do You hear how stupid/humorous this sounds? 

When people ask how did reality started existing the answer is simple: The Mind created/imagined a made up story/ - a lie, and one lie turned into an infinity of lies in order to make the lie original lie seem believable. And the original lie fooling the fools into buying the idea that this reality is real in the sense that it is all that there is to exist, aka. the true home. 

Realize that the only real thing in this reality we experience is You/The Mind/The I. When religions say that God knows what is in your hearts and what do you think, who else knows about these things? Yes, You know.

In other words, stop fooling yourself and the lies you`ve been telling yourself. Get sober in Your Mind. When You get sober than You will be able to see the Truth and wonder how could You ever been fooled to believe the lies you regarded as 100% truth. 


A Big Hint for You:

When You imagine a red car in your mind. Does it just "pop up" in your mind or You have to make-up different chemical/physical laws in a sequence in order to build this red car in Your Mind? The answer is NO! You just imagine it and it starts manifesting/existing in your Mind. Now, If Your mind can do this, now imagine how easily/effortlessly God`s mind can do it.

All these physical/chemical/biological laws, molecules, atoms as we humans call them, were imagined as story elements for this reality in order to fool the fools into thinking that this reality has No Imaginator/Mind behind it!
All these laws are illusions and totally unnecessary in order to create something for God. Because God just needs to imagine something to create something, just like You can do this to some extent by the ability to imagine/create things in Your mind.


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50 minutes ago, WHO IS said:

Do You hear how stupid/humorous this sounds? 

It’s practically impossible not to overthink the most simple & obvious non explanation. Unthinkably simple and infinitely hysterical. 



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