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Product Review Guidelines - Important!

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This sub-forum is intended for reviews and discussion of all the paid information products available for purchase across the web. These include audio programs, DVD programs, online courses, live seminars, workshops, coaching programs, paid mastermind groups, etc. Personal and business related products are both acceptable here.

  • Do not post any copyrighted material from these products here.
  • Do not share links to torrents or download sites.
  • Do not discuss how to obtain these products illegally.
  • Do not attempt to create "group buys" for these products.

Your account will be permanently banned if you attempt to violate copyright by doing any of the 4 above.

Use the following title format when posting a review:

[type] Official name of product, Creator's name (score/10)


  • [book] The Power Of Now, Eckhart Tolle (9/10)
  • [product] Philosopher's Notes, Brian Johnson (8/10)
  • [seminar] Date With Destiny, Tony Robbins (8/10)
  • [workshop] Relationship Workshop XYZ, Jane Doe (2/10)
  • [retreat] Sedona Method Retreat 2015 (9/10)
  • [service] Life Coaching, John Smith (3/10)

*Please note: the above scores are just random examples.

Thanks for following the rules.

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