I do not want a Life Purpose

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What do I think?

Well done. Wise.

Check out some items of what Osho has to say about Chuang Tzu and Taoism (Oshos perspective on Taoism).

In Buddhism there is only one purpose in life or one goal they strive to attain: to attain a state of being where one doesnt strive for any goals or purpose.

Good on you man and well done. This is wise and insightful.

Just one thing to say- if you ever feel like, say in 5 years from now, you want a life purpose, dont feel bad to change directions.

Life goes up and down in phases. Some phases you will feel like the allower of life, some phases you will want to be the deliberate creator. No better or worse just different.

Some people are Forrest Gumps and other people are Teslas.

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