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Cover AW

Can't for the life of me get past Values Assessment Pass #2

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Going through the life purpose course currently, but I am having trouble. I arrived at the values assessment part 3 days ago, and since then there has been a halt in progress. I don't know if it's fine for me to give fewer answers than what Leo says I should, which is 10 at pass #2. Also had this problem at pass #1, but I feel like the question "what do I find meaningful?" had more leeway in the answers than "what things should my life be about?". I have just kept going through these questions for 3 days, and even had a dream of this 2 days ago, but don't remember the specifics.

Is it fine for me to come up short in amount of answers? Am I selling myself short by not finding more answers? Are there ways for me to come up with answers? Should I just continue through the passes because they will give me more answers?

For "what my life should be about" I currently have 2 answers that came up immediately while I was watching pass #2:
exploring the world
And 3 other answers that I gave a couple of hours later:
developing myself
guide people regarding development/spirituality
raise the world's consciousness
(I'm not sure about the 2 last ones but that's what I came up with, and will be tested in later passes)

I haven't gone further than pass #2 so don't spoil the values in the value sheet yet.

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Posted (edited)

@Cover AW Just do your best (i find writing down any passing thoughts is helpful) and continue to the next step. It's fine if you couldn't think of more, because he shows you other techniques - I'm a bit ahead of you near the end of the Values section and it has been really useful. The Negative Values Release video made me break down crying. Powerful stuff.

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