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  1. Going through the life purpose course currently, but I am having trouble. I arrived at the values assessment part 3 days ago, and since then there has been a halt in progress. I don't know if it's fine for me to give fewer answers than what Leo says I should, which is 10 at pass #2. Also had this problem at pass #1, but I feel like the question "what do I find meaningful?" had more leeway in the answers than "what things should my life be about?". I have just kept going through these questions for 3 days, and even had a dream of this 2 days ago, but don't remember the specifics. Is it fine for me to come up short in amount of answers? Am I selling myself short by not finding more answers? Are there ways for me to come up with answers? Should I just continue through the passes because they will give me more answers? For "what my life should be about" I currently have 2 answers that came up immediately while I was watching pass #2: meditation/yoga exploring the world And 3 other answers that I gave a couple of hours later: developing myself guide people regarding development/spirituality raise the world's consciousness (I'm not sure about the 2 last ones but that's what I came up with, and will be tested in later passes) I haven't gone further than pass #2 so don't spoil the values in the value sheet yet.