Where should I start with Ken Wilber's books?

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I've been doing some research online on integral theory and would like to know more. His bibliography is rather expansive so I'm looking for some tips on where to start. As I understand, his theory went through different stages of development, the most notable being the introduction of the Quadrants model in Sex, Ecology and Spirituality. I know that he's been adding new things since then (like the integration of Spiral Dynamics), so I have a couple of questions for those who are familiar with his work:

Do you recommend reading some of his more popular works in a certain order? 

What 2 titles do you recommend to someone who hasn't read any of his books but is superficially familiar with his theory?


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I've really enjoyed this extensive interview from 2003 put in a 10 DVD set. This is a sample from that interview that was put on YouTube from the section talking about Gender tendencies.

Just noticed Amazon had one of this set left in stock for $45.00


Before the birth of the universe, there existed your Original Face, the limitless Self that has been present throughout the unfolding of inert matter into life―and that continues to dwell within us at every level of consciousness. Where is this grand evolution taking us, and how can each of us participate in it more fully? On Kosmic Consciousness, Ken Wilber invites you to find out.

Since the first publication of his groundbreaking ideas at the age of 23, Ken Wilber has sought to bring together the world's far-ranging spiritual teachings, philosophies, and scientific truths into one coherent and all-embracing vision. This "integral" map of the Kosmos (the universe that includes the physical cosmos as well as the realms of consciousness and Spirit) offers an unprecedented guide to discovering your highest potentials.

Now, this legendary author invites you to discover these insights in his first full-length audio learning course. In 10 fascinating sessions, Wilber pursues questions especially relevant to spiritual seekers: What are the most effective tools for "jumping" to the next level in your spiritual, creative, and cognitive development? Does prayer work? How do women and men experience consciousness differently? Is subtle energy real and, if so, how do we harness it? Why is developing "witness consciousness" so crucial for self-realization? Can we cultivate infinite love by loving one, finite person? What, exactly, does "kosmic consciousness" feel like?

One of our greatest possibilities, teaches Wilber, is "to balance and harmonize our experiences at whatever stage of growth we are in―and to deepen our capacity for compassion, consciousness, and care." For Ken Wilber's many avid readers, and anyone who has been waiting for a highly accessible invitation to his work, here is one of the most significant thinkers of our time―spontaneous, passionate, irreverent―sharing a feast of ideas to inspire you on your evolution toward Kosmic Consciousness.

"To have a free mind is to be a universal heretic." - A.H. Almaas

"We have to bless the living crap out of everyone." - Matt Kahn

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