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What is Semen Retention & Semen Retention Benefits?

Semen retention is the act of retaining one’s sperm, in order to build up inner energy and transmute one’s sexual energy into productivity, instead of leaking one’s life force, and become involved in low-consciousness behavior. So it all boils down to, that you can’t ejaculate. You can still have sex and masturbate, just without sperming, which can be a bit tricky, but the Semen Retention community got you covered with various techniques, that I will also be sharing with you in this article! By rejecting ejaculations and allowing the body to reabsorb the semen, the body is then using this vital semen to improve overall physical health, emotional stability, cognitive functions and redirect that sexual energy into something more productive and more rational like building a business, improving relationships, learning something new etc.

Semen Retention comes in various different expressions in different ancient cultures, but typically the Semen Retention community, is focusing primarily on the ancient Chinese perspective, but Egypt, Greece and Papa New Guinea, also took this concept of Semen Retention seriously.

Chinese medicine and Qigong (Qigong is a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control, that leads to inner balance and fulfillment), has a deep focus on semen. “Jing” means sexual energy in Chinese, and this primal energy is getting reduced everytime a man has an ejaculation, which is called an “Energy suicide”. Jing is what we come from, Jing is the vital energy that made each of us human, it’s literally the most powerful energy in the universe, if you think about it. Via semen and “Jing”, you’re able to actually create another human being. It is life in it’s most living sense, and it creates life. Astonishing powers!

It is called “Energy suicide”, because in the ancient China the typical opinion about semen was, that it was the primal energy of our life, it is the deep foundational ground pillar of your existence as a human being and all the vitamins and minerals it contains, has so much nutritional value, that you keep leaking over and over again, instead of transmuting that powerful energy into something productive, creative etc. Because that is literally what you can do with this powerful semen!

The Semen Retention community is focusing a lot on the point of disrespecting and devaluing one’s semen, they want to break up with the old socially and scientifically accepted norm and belief that ejaculation should be healthy. By disrespecting and devaluing ones semen, the main point is, that if you keep leaking your semen all the time, without any reproductional goal, and you’re only doing it for the sake of a few seconds of euphoria, you’re literally shitting on yourself, because by leaking this golden semen all the time, you’re doing “Energy suicide”, as it was described in ancient China.

What are the benefits of Semen Retention?

The benefits are enormous, and they all can’t possibly be listed here, you have to experience the benefits for yourself, test out Semen retention for yourself (Give it minimum 4 weeks) and you’ll se huge beneficial gains by doing Semen Retention!

Improved sense of life purpose

Improved positive self-image

Improved compassion

Improved motivation

Better memory

Increased energy

Increased productivity

Increased creativity

Increased focus and concentration

Baseline of happiness and joy is raised drastically

Better sleep

And so much more!

According to the ancient Chinese knowledge about Semen retention, the reason for all these benefits, are of course because of the vital, creative energy “Jing”, that balances your body completely, and makes you able to live in flow with life, and not out of balance. Don’t you think it’s worth giving it a try? Imagine you can have these semen retention benefits in your body, in 4 weeks, 4 freaking weeks, and you’re feeling immortal, and if you keep it up, it’ll only get better from that point on! If you’re truly serious about develop yourself and attain higher baselines for yourself, I’d definitely choose semen retention over nofap, as there is just more benefits to semen retention, but again it’s also a more difficult approach, I agree, but the benefits exceeds the hurdles.

Can you even comprehend the power of all these benefits? Like, how really powerful they are? Imagine if you really had all these benefits, what you would amazingly profound life you would be able to create for yourself, and the way in which you would be influencing the world in a positive and powerful way!

It’s important to mention that the benefits come at different speeds, it totally depends on your current history of sexual addiction and your current state of sexual maturity progress.

Some people will feel the benefits starts to blossom within a few days of doing semen retention and for others it may take longer, but I can assure that you will feel some difference, within a month at least, and if you keep at it, and go all in, you will seriously get some powers you didn’t even know existed.

If you remember we were talking about “Jing” earlier, the life force which you keep inside of you, that is the primal energy source of all good in your life, then it doesn’t take much to realize that if you keep leaking that energy over and over and over again, you’re depleting your body and mind. Which of course means that you’re operating from a very low level of energy.

What you put out, is what you get.

Low energy -> Low productivity -> Low results -> No semen retention benefits

High energy -> High productivity -> High results -> High semen retention benefits

Do you ever think about how you’re acting in your day to day life, in terms of consumption vs. production? Without an understanding of this principle, you will never gain any benefits of semen retention. Are you consuming more than you’re producing? You should make it a rule of thumb to always produce and do more, than consume more. Stop watching Netflix, browse social media, eat bad foods and engage in gossip, these are all weighing you down inside, because the deepest core of you, wants to express itself in creative and productive ways. It’s not for the funs that monks and other very conscious and enlightened beings are living an ascetic and spare life, and yet have a vibe and magnitude over them, that is out of this world. Living a lean life, minimalistic and frugal life is the key to happiness and a higher consciousness.

What you put out into the world is what you get. Just like you can’t just sit on your couch every single day and watch TV and complain about you’re not reaching your goals, society is shit and you’re depressed. It’s logical that you don’t get the results that you want to achieve, when you don’t put out the energy that needs to be expressed.

Maybe you’ve heard of the book “Think and grow rich, by Napoleon Hill” Maybe you haven’t – But just to sum it up, it’s a book about the most essential principles on how to attain a rich life. A bestseller with over 100.000 copies sold as of 2015. Napoleon Hill grew super rich in his financial and personal life, by observing what principles other succesful people were embodying. And a very underrated chapter in his book, is all about retaining ones semen. Where he explains the semen retention benefits of increased sexual energy that is then able to be transmuted into productive energy such as building a business etc.

Here is a nice snippet from his other book ”Outwitting The Devil”:

“Controlled sex supplies the magnetic force that attracts people to one another. It is the most important factor of a pleasing personality. It gives quality to the tone of the voice and enables one to convey through the voice any feeling desired. It serves, as nothing else can serve, to give motive-power to one’s desires. It keeps the nervous system charged with the energy needed to carry on the work of maintaining the body. It sharpens the imagination and enables tone to create useful ideas.It gives quickness and definiteness to one’s physical and mental movements. It gives one persistence and perseverance in the pursuit of one’s major purpose in life. It is a great antidote for all fear. It gives one immunity against discouragement. It helps to master laziness and procrastination. It gives one physical and mental endurance while under going any form of opposition or defeat. It gives one the fighting qualities necessary under all circumsatnaces for self-defense. In brief, it makes winners and not quitters.”

When doing semen retention or nofap, you should be aware of not only the benefits, but also the consequences that may seem negative in the beginning, but carries a seed of positivty only. It may very likely be, that you will start to rise up to a higher level of consciousness when doing seminal retention, which means that you will give up bad habits and toxic relationships, start to think in new ways and express yourself much more authentically. This could result in you having to cut off friendships and other relationships that you deep inside of your core now is not good for your personal development, your energy or consciousness for that matter. This can be a very tough pill to swallow, and many don’t do it, even though they should. You should be satisfying yourself, and break free from the bondages of lower consciousness behavior and relations, and as you move up the consciousness ladder, the more conscious you get, the more you can consciously engage in helping people in a lower consciousness to rise up to a higher consciousness, this is what this work is also all about! Making a change in the world and inspiring other people to express themselves as spiritual beings. Raise the vibration of the people of the earth, create positivity and benefit from this higher consciousness, that is what we all need in these times! In fact, this is already happening, but not on a big enough scale. You have to bite the bullet, start listening to yourself and do whatever your heart tells you, don’t be so head, be more heart.

Is Seminal Retention harmful?

In order for you to gain full benefits of semen retention and not harm yourself, which can happen if you’re not doing it correctly, it is important that you do semen retention in the right way, and with the right intentions. Imagine this raw energy builds up, if you’re not doing anything with it, you can have a lot of stagnant energy, you can amplify your current state of mind, maybe negative emotions, prostate problems etc. If you’re just keeping your energy in your penile area, you are seriously messing up with your body, it’s so easy to release the energy to benefit from semen retention, you can do that in ways like karezza, neo’s etc. We will get into that later.

To add on to this thing about your sexual energy, you can’t just go full on celibacy, as we as humans are just driven by this sexual power. It’s all about transmuting it. If you just want to throw in your sexual energy and sexual drive into a closet and close the door, imagine you being at a bach having a plastic beach ball trying to drown it in water, you can never drown it fully, the pressure in the water and the air in the beach ball, will shoot up the ball from the water. That’s exactly how your sexual energy works, and if your mindset is like this, you will never gain semen retention benefits or nofap benefits. So go with the flow.

”The sexual energy always finds a way to express itself.”

Prostate issues if you’re not moving your energy around.

Massage your penile area and massage your testicles everyday – that is also how to activate the production of hormones, you can use techniques like Microcosmic Orbit Technique on this, to circulate your energy and activated hormones around in your body, you’re super charging your energy, your health and it just feels great!

You can also massage the prostate.

You can externally massage the prostate through the perineum just by pressing in there and massaging it and there’s also a really great technique when you take a tennis ball, you sit on it. Essentially you might want to put like a towel or something about so it’s not directly on your skin, but you press, as you sit on the tennis ball directly on your perineum to really press into that area, so youre giving yourself like self acupressure there and that helps to break up any stagnant energy og energy blockages in your body. Any man should be doing this! It gives you so many benefits while doing semen retention. About 80% of all men who reach the age of 80 have prostate cancer cells in their prostate! And that is really a serious issue. This is one of the most neglected parts of our bodies, and when we neglect a part of ourselves that’s just asking for unconscious patterns to grow and disease to grow, so it’s important to be in your body to be embodied

Handle Your Sexual Energy by Doing Qigong When on Semen Retention

Qigong is the art of controlling and circulating ones piled sexual energy, to benefit from semen retention.

The work consists of very gentle movements, repeated several times, often by stretching the body, then increasing the fluids in the body (blood, synovial, lymph and cerebrospinal fluids etc.)

External and internal movements in Qigong, compared to western exercises, everything is primarily external (running, biking, weightlifting etc.) External and internal movement is required to experience the semen retention benefits fully.

Qigong is not that popular in the west yet, because of our way of understanding language in the west, is so much more different than Chinese. So culture and language is really a blockage of westerners learning to do qigong, but luckily you’re here, reading about this, so why not start implementing this into your life and start to handle your sexual energy and raise your consciousness and gain the benefits of seminal retention?

Qigong is often used for these following diseases/illnesses


Internal organ ailments

Poor circulation

Nerve pain

Back and joint problems

General physical disease

Handling sexual energy etc.

Inner peace is a biproduct of doing Qigong. It brings you so much inner tranquility and clarity of mind, which then raises your awareness of your inner energies, and makes you capable of transforming this sexual energy from the semen retention, in the best way possible, to use this sexual energy as the driving force for the desired results you wan to achieve in your life. This is personally for me, one of the coolest benefits of semen retention when doing qi gong! Therefore Qigong is a really great practice, because it helps you crystallizing your mind and remove the pollution from your monkey mind, it makes you see clearly and know where to go on your journey. The practice of Qigong helps with managing stress, anger, anxiety, grief, depression, negative though patterns, brain fog etc. If you wish to learn more about the art and science of chinese energy healing and qigong, I suggest you check out this book ”The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Energy Healing”, It’s a really comprehensive and well-researched book, that is perfect for the beginner and even the advanced practitioner of Qigong. It explains the Qigong exercises as well as scientific and medical background on how it works.

Maybe you’ve heard about energy blocks before, maybe not? But what I mean by energy blocks, is the same as, if you are on semen retention let’s say, and you’re completely rejecting your sexual location of your body, and just trying to distract yourself from it, you’re also rejecting the sexual energy and power that is building up. That avoidance of that energy and area, is then creating an energy block in that sexual area, which is then going to create all these physical and mental problems for you, if you don’t start to circulate this sexual energy around. Many people and monks who have tried to attain spiritual enlightenment, by doing very tough and daunting meditation techniques and other spiritual work, has damaged their body greatly, for not clearing their energy blocks, before going into this brutal meditation exercises, we don’t want to do that, we are only looking to gain the semen retention benefits, and not the disadvantages.

Here are some really good exercises for transmuting your sexual energy via these of Qigong, you can use, when doing Semen Retention, trust me the benefits will be mind boggling! You should definetely check these exercises out, and the information available on this site!

By the way, I think it is also important to mention, that Qigong is not associated with any cult or religious beliefs, it is an exercise typically used in the eastern world, to be able to handle ones internal energy, and gain the benefits, which is then useful for you as you’re doing semen retention.

Semen Retention benefits VS. NoFap benefits – What is the difference?

Semen retention benefits and NoFap benefits are actually not that far from each other. NoFap has these different modes of NoFap, like monk mode, hard mode, light mode, normal mode etc, and they all mean something different.

Let me just recap the different NoFap modes here, so you know what I am talking about..

NoFap Light Mode

You are allowed to engage in all physical sexual activity (You can masturbate, have sex or whatever..)

No porn or fantasizing allowed

Doesn’t really give many benefits

NoFap Normal Mode

You are not allowed to fap at all

You are allowed to have sex with a partner

Gives decent amount of benefits

NoFap Hard Mode

Strictly forbidden to fap at all times

You are not allowed to have sex

No porn, fantasizing, teasing thoughts etc. is allowed

Gives a good amount of benefits

NoFap Monk Mode

Strictly forbidden to fap at all times

Strictly forbidden to have sex at all times

No toxic behavior of any kind (Quitting bad habits, Social media, etc.)

Literally going full monk

Best and fastest way to gain NoFap benefits


Semen Retention

Allowed to engage in any sexual activity, as long as you are not leaking any drop of semen, you are allowed to orgasm via the help of Karezza and or NEO’s (will explain more in depth further down in the article)

You are by the rules allowed to watch porn on Semen Retention, but you’re still blocking for some deeper benefits on semen retention when watching porn, as it is low consciousness and can damage your psyche, perception of the world etc.

Critique on Semen Retention

People don’t believe in the benefits of Semen Retention, because they don’t know how sexual energy is getting transmuted!

I believe that NoFap is currently much more accepted on the web, compared to Semen Retention. Many people think of Semen Retention benefits as the biggest bullshit thing ever, that the semen is so valuable and so on. I understand that peoples egos wants to find something wrong with everything, but seriously, if you have an open mind and do some in depth research on the benefits of semen retention and how it all actually works, it should be so obvious that semen retention has some seriously positive benefits. I think we will see both the NoFap and Semen Retention communities grow much more from now on and many years into the future, maybe it will take form in new names, and new ways of doing it, but I am sure people will be more and more conscious of the way they use their semen. Especially if people started to use exercises like Karezza and NEO’s. It’s a win-win situation in my opinion, people just aren’t aware of these opportunities yet.

I believe that the active community of semen retention is more mature and has maybe a bigger audience of people, typically adults who have studied things like Chinese medicines, acupuncture, qigong etc. although this is very raw and generalized, I believe this is how it is 

Nofap is more a starters stepping stone towards personal development for a younger audience, and older of course, but I think you can spot a difference in the maturity on the two subreddits – Not to diss on NoFap at all, I am just as much a supporter of NoFap as I am of Semen Retention, but in the online communities, I feel like the debate in Semen Retention is much more meaningful and deeper than NoFap, and you can have some seriously good debates in the semen retention subreddit.

NoFap and Semen Retention is exponentially growing communities

But I feel like the world is currently in a very chaotic state of collective mind, but at the same time, the light of hope is growing brighter for each day. It’s like so much chaos is going on, but at the same time people are waking up. More and more people are moving away from atheism, and turn towards buddhism, hinduism, zen buddhism, new age stuff etc. People need something bigger nowadays, and I feel like NoFap and Semen Retention is playing a big role in this collective awakening of society, as it reminds us of our organic homeostatic biological nature, and gives us semen retention benefits such as peace and balance in a super hectic world, because none of us can handle this stress all the time. Not only NoFap and Semen Retention is growing communities, just look at Meditation like mindfulness, visualization, yoga and so on, it’s really fascinating and definitely exciting times to be alive! The benefits of semen retention and nofap really has the powers to wake up the world!

Check out the two subreddits here



Can Seminal Retention Cure Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction?

Sure, Seminal Retention or Semen Retention and even NoFap has the ability to help you with PIED, but you can’t rely on these tools only. You also have to practice energy work such as Qigong or other exercises like Hatha Yoga or maybe a combination of running and meditation and so on.

Imagine if you’re only focusing on your sexual location on your body, then all your energy is stuck there, where your attention goes, energy flows. That is then blocking your blood flow to your veins, which can then lead to Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction.

So start doing Semen Retention or NoFap and combine it with an exercise that is focusing on internal and external movement. I would suggest you to do Qigong, Meditation and Yoga, several times a week, for the optimal benefits of semen retention. Many people also combine NoFap or Seminal Retention with cold showers, fasting, weightlifting etc. Which is also of great benefit! Experiment and see what works for you, but remember to don’t be too hard on your body.

Can Semen Retention Help With Hair Loss?

Absolutely! Just dig around the internet a bit, and you’ll find literally tons of reports and reviews of people doing nofap and semen retention, who have reported that their hairline is coming back and their hair is getting much thicker and feels more healthy, also their skin is much better and many people even cured their acne, thanks to seminal retention! This just tells you something about the amazing powers semen has.

So, what is the science behind this harloss?

Hair loss is often due to too high Prolactin levels in the body, which then screws not only with your hair, but also internal biological systems, that maintain your hair and so on, so you’re just seeing the outer damage, not the inner. Excessive release of Dopamine by the Hypothalamus also inhibits Prolactin’s secretion. And as you may know, everytime you jerk off, you’re releasing dopamine.

Check out this article here, for more information on the study of prolactin and hair loss…

How To Lower High Prolactin Levels in Men?

Primarily, Prolactin is responsible for stimulating the process of milk production in women, so they can breastfeed their kids (lactogenesis). This Prolactin is found in men as well, actively functioning in over 300 seperate processes. It’s recognized as a hormone with multiple purposes, with one of the widest ranges physiological actions of any hormone.

It’s super important for salt and water regulation, metabolism, reproductive behavior, immune system, hormones, the brain and general overall health mentally and physically.

High prolactin levels in homo sapiens, is often associated with nurturing and parenting behaviors.

In women, prolactin can both strongly increase or decrease ones sexual desire, but this depends on various factors.  In men, prolactin suppresses sexual behavior in rats.

Higher levels of prolactin decrease the level of estrogen in women and testosterone in men. Although it’s more profound in women.

Normal levels of prolaction enhances testosterone and sperm creation.

Nonpregnant Women4-23 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) or 4-23 micrograms per liter (mcg/L)

Men3-15 ng/mL or 3-15 mcg/L

Pregnant Women34-386 ng/mL or 34-386 mcg/L

Children3.2-20 ng/mL or 3.2-20 mcg/L

High prolactin in males can cause:


Low testosterone

Low sexual desire

Erectile dysfunction

A small benign tumor (microprolactinoma) is found in the pituitary of over one-third of women with high levels of prolactin.

Hair loss

Low prolactin is associated with ovary dysfunction in women.

In men low prolactin is associated with:

Low testosterone

Erectile dysfunction

Premature ejaculation

Low sperm count

Reduced sperm motility

Decreased function of seminal vesicles

In one study on low prolactin in men, normal sperm function was restored when prolactin levels were raised back to their correct values.

In mice without prolactin receptors, the hair cycle is disrupted such that shedding occurred earlier and there was a reduced duration of the telogen phase.

For more in depth information about prolactin, I suggest you take a look at this article.

Supplements that decrease prolactin levels


Ginseng (Very powerful)

Uridine + Glutamine

Ginko Balboa

What is Karezza / Non Ejaculatory Orgasm (NEO)

A non ejaculatory orgasm, is a way to reach orgasm(s), without leaking your valuable semen. It’s accomplished by masturbating or having sex, but having intense control of your penis, you’re controlling your leakage of semen. So you’re literally riding the waves of edging, to such an extent that you reach a dry orgasm or a non ejaculatory orgasm.

The word Karezza comes from the Italian word ”Carezza” which means ”Caress” in english. It’s almost like a yogic form of sexual interaction between a man and a woman. The intend in this sexual continence of Karezza or Coitus reservatus, is to have deep, spiritual and meaningful intercourse, by controlling the ejaculation of the man. Instead of ejaculating, the man attempts to remain at the plateu phase, where he never climaxes full on with ejaculation, but rather climaxes on the waves of upcoming orgasms, for as long as possible, which then results in a real orgasm, without ejaculating. This is quite interesting, and people have reported some really crazy benefits from doing this sexual tantric intercourse! I will tell you how to do Karezza in details in just a moment, don’t worry – But first, I just want to share this Karezza report from a reddit user, which I found really amazing and inspiring as well!

Karezza / Non Ejaculatory Orgasm (NEO) Report From A Reddit User

” For one, it lasted for an hour and a half. I have never had sex for so long in my life (I’m 25, male). Everything was extremely slow, and pretty soon we were both in a state of intoxication as a result of being so deliberate and methodical with our bodies. We began to feel much more of every little sensation that comes with contact; brushing ankles together felt intense, I grabbed her hand and she felt chills down her whole body, the whole experience was like this.

Towards the end, I expressed to her a desire for us both to try and see what an orgasm would feel like, even though I know that we need to avoid such things for karezza to be true karezza. We both indulged each other, and I can say, unequivocally, that the orgasm was intense, but not as intense as the moments of bliss that we were both experiencing throughout the night. If anything, the orgasm took both of us out of our blissful awareness of our bodies, which I attribute to the dopamine crash that I’ve read about. I even felt the effect of wanting to flee, of wanting to get away, but I am now aware of why that happens, so I managed to ignore it enough so that I still want to see her again.

It all makes perfect sense now. There is no need for an orgasm, and anyone who has not tried karezza-style sex yet for fear of lack of orgasms, let me be the one to tell you that I had never known what heights of ecstasy were possible during sex, and the orgasm itself was far less pleasurable than the sex itself. Whoever thought to eradicate the orgasm from the sexual experience totally validated their idea with me and my partner’s experience last night.

We both came away from that experience astonished. Karezza / Non Ejaculatory Orgasm changes my entire perception of sex. Many of the insecurities that people typically feel with sex, such as not being “good” at it, not having enough experience or whatever insecurity that can be performance-based, karezza dispels all of that. Everyone is good at cuddling. Everyone is good at moving so slowly that every single thrust, spread out minutes between each other, is so incredibly powerful, that there is no need for worry about how you will perform. There is no pressure. Even when my erection was less strong than it normally was, it didn’t matter, our hands were so charged that every caress had the impact a deep thrust would have had.”

I hope this helped you to understand the depth and meaningful experience of Karezza, I was just really fascinated by his report of Karezza / Non ejaculatory orgasm, and it just says something about how rare this is in our society today, but this may be the sexual intercourse tool that we do need, to reestablish our personal deep connection to each other again, and become more present and gain the ultimate semen retention benefits.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/karezza/comments/uftxe/first_time_with_karezzastyle_sex_last_night/

How To Do Karezza / Non Ejaculatory Orgasm (NEO)?

There is no exact step-by-step guide on how to do karezza, it’s all about how you want to do it, and the personal connection you to your partner. Although, the setting should be very relaxed, gentle, yin-yang attitude and some sort of spiritual mindset is needed to go into this intercourse. It’s a very gentle and soft intercourse, that requires you to whisper sweet words into her ears, accept her fully, accept yourself fully and go with the flow of love, let love itself take you, and be moved by that, and not thoughts or anything else, be present in the love, and you’ll be navigated around automatically, whatever your intuition tells you to do, follow that with full love and understanding.

Lay side by side, or on top of each other, keep the penetration slow, soft and gentle to avoid any ejaculation and orgasm. The more you turn each other on, the more the connection will be vibrating and the love will be turned up in volume. Try to do the following things, without causing an orgasm:

Give gentle kisses all over your partners body

Whisper in your partners ear and compliment him or her

Look into each others eyes with full love

Kiss softly each others lips, eventually a soft bite in his/her underlip

Make wordless sounds of contentment or pleasure in front of your partner

Massage your partner

Hug your partner with the intent to comfort them and eventually tell him/her that you love the person

Comfort your partners genitals

Make it a room full of acceptance, love and spiritual connection!

The more often you do this Karezza, the more your semen retention benefits will grow

Make a nice scenery, before doing Karezza, sprinkle flowers over your bed and play some soft music, eventually buy some chocolate 

What is The Goal of Karezza / Non Ejaculatory Orgasm (NEO)

The goal with Karezza / Non Ejaculatory Orgasm, is to create a much higher vibrating connection with your partner and to become more loving, accepting and intimate with each other. This is one of the ultimate semen retention benefits, Increased closeness you could say. Give it a try for atleast a month and see what happens, I almost promise you, that if you do it the correct way, you’re doomed to have tons of benefits in your relationship and your personal life as well, you will be much more comfortable and less neurotic in your day to day life, start to appreciate the world and yourself so much more!

In case you want to go deeper and want to learn more about Karezza, I highly suggest you check out: Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships by Marnia Robinson

What Are The Benefits of Semen Retention / Karezza / Non Ejaculatory Orgasm?

Helps with bladder problems

Helps with painful menstruation

Helps with prostate cancer

Gives you more energy in life

Gives you more confidence

Gives you a more loving perspective towards the world and other people

More calmness and less neurotic behavior

Overall a better health on all levels, physically, psycholygically and emotionally

I hope you were able to get some valuable information from this ultimate guide to semen retention benefits and NoFap benefits anno 2019!

In case you got any feedback, please leave or comment or contact me in the contact section!

I wish you all the best on your journey, and I hope you stick around!

Please subscribe to our monthly newsletter, in the right sidebar if you want to get more knowledge on sexual energies, confidence and self-actualization! It’s only 1 time pr. month.

All the best to you

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Semen retention totally different subject to pornography.

Here you seem to be blending the two as a means to market something to your website.

And nofap doesn't solve every problem in existence like your newsletter promises. You seem to be advocating that nofap is the end to all mental health issues, and the end to all inner issues and it is not.

Anything that overpromises things like this is to be careful of.

Having said that, qutting pornography is an issue that is significant. But for different reasons.

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