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Yoga Nidra materials dump

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Hello dearest Actualized forum. 

As an alternative to sitting meditation/other practices I employ the technique of Yoga Nidra. Typically I do a guided meditation like these after I finish my regular yoga practices. I did a quick search and found no such material dumps were on this forum. I will post links to videos/YT channels I've found helpful in the present, and the past. Hope you get something out of it - I know I have.

Feel free to expand the list.

This channel has any number of yoga nidra videos. The focus of the vids might be slightly different and narrated by different people.

This channel contains the works of a guy named Sri Devidas, who is also the one that narrates the videos. These videos may contain subtle elements of visualisation- or mantra techniques, but most of them are excellent yoga nidra vids. He has also created any number of mini-series that have particular focuses.

^ ongoing chakra series

^ another mini-series example


Random videos: 


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