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  1. I disagree with this statement. I agree that it's not as though you can classify people as enlightened/unenlightened on this basis, however people that are more conscious have a very different "feel". I think this is reflected in body posture, they tend to have relaxed faces and rather bright eyes. I agree that your example of a cult is valid though. This particular guy's teachings are so vague and confusing its terrible, and I very thoroughly get the sense he's trying to sell me something.
  2. I try not to let it hurt my spiritual ego too much
  3. Hello dearest Actualized forum. As an alternative to sitting meditation/other practices I employ the technique of Yoga Nidra. Typically I do a guided meditation like these after I finish my regular yoga practices. I did a quick search and found no such material dumps were on this forum. I will post links to videos/YT channels I've found helpful in the present, and the past. Hope you get something out of it - I know I have. Feel free to expand the list. This channel has any number of yoga nidra videos. The focus of the vids might be slightly different and narrated by different people. This channel contains the works of a guy named Sri Devidas, who is also the one that narrates the videos. These videos may contain subtle elements of visualisation- or mantra techniques, but most of them are excellent yoga nidra vids. He has also created any number of mini-series that have particular focuses. ^ ongoing chakra series ^ another mini-series example Random videos:
  4. I think this is quite a good question, can you elaborate a little more regarding the techniques themselves?
  5. @MrDmitriiV I appreciate the warning, but this forum is a blind-faith-free-zone. As for the chakras, I didn't believe it either at first. This was something that was slowly revealed to me through a couple years of yoga practice. Ultimately I think if you're not into Kriyas then find something else. A lengthy theoretical debate such as this is a waste of time.
  6. A spiritual practice is never a bad place to start. As for the experience there is nothing I can say.
  7. BUT LEEEOOOO..... that means its gonna be nice and juicy
  8. We are all noobs in some areas. To be honest I don't really get bored anymore. That said I mean it in the anxious-i-need-to-occupy-myself sense of the word. Placing your attention on attention itself works in moments of doubt.
  9. @Freakrik if you're ruminating stongly about hell, it could be you're already in it.
  10. So.... Is the no "I" the new "I"?
  11. had a good run. Now its time for Leo to live in a cave in the mountains.
  12. Leo still has a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the Actualized reality. Leo has a dream that one day this forum will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all posters are created equal."
  13. I think removing rep/titles would be a good thing. My ego wants rep, and it shan't have it.