The ekaH Yoga Course by Sri Ramana Devi [10/10]

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The ekaH Yoga Course by Sri Ramana Devi


"Sri Ramana’s ekah Yoga provides a comprehensive introduction to all of the major concepts and practices contained within Advaita Vedanta. The concepts and practices are introduced in a way that is simple and clear and are made accessible to those with no prior knowledge of the subject."



This online course provides you with the teachings of Yoga created by Sri Ramana Devi. Sri Ramana Devi is a guru of the Hindu Advaita Vedanta tradition. The course teaches the basics of Advaita Vedant philosophy as well as the practices witch lead an individual to Self-Realization.


The course is free. It starts of with a conversation with a trained teacher of ekaH Yoga, who will guide the individual through the course. The requirements to finishing the course are returning written answers and returning recordings of practices being implemented.


I personally have benefited very much from this course. The ekaH Yoga is a very comprehensive system, including the four Yogas: Raja Yoga (develops concentration), Jnana Yoga (purifies the mind), Bhakti Yoga (purifies the heart) and Karma Yoga (purifies the actions).

The big change it had on my life was the introduction of a heart-based (bhakti) practice, which really filled a hole in me, that I was unsuccessfully trying to stuff with all kinds of hedonism before.

I cannot recommend this teaching enough!



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