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Shamanaic breathing* 

I wanted to start this process for the trauma healing and emotional processing 

I haven't begun my spiritual practices yet - I know little of it, to be honest. I want to work up my way up maslows and deal with some pending challenges before I take on the enlightenment journey as it is a whole beast of its own 

I'm afraid that starting the work would face me to start my journey before I'm even ready - all I really want is the psychological benefits as of now

Is this practice right for me?

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1 hour ago, d0ornokey said:

Is this practice right for me?

Nobody can say what exactly is right for you. 

Read books & listen to Leo's vids and create a good meditation habit. Work out the basics first.

What you lack is strong levels of awareness. How can you see in the dark (your life) with a dim flashlight (weak consciousness)?

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