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How often can u actually answer your owns questions??

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It is a while ago since posting here and i have this little epiphany that i can answer almost every question myself.

So i find myself on multiple occasions typing an elaborate question and then backspacing the whole thing because i allready know somewhere deep in my heart what has to be done about the particular problem.

So take this as an example i was slightly overweight and i could ask a 100 questions on the health and fitness part of the forum but i did not do that, i instead build myself a gym in my house and i work out like a madman it is not easy but it is very simple, follow up question could be ''well how can i build up the discipline?'' the answer was simply a constant trying and that began building up like a muscle aswell and it took some time no doubt about it but i got huge results.

most often it is about confronting some kind of fear and it always boils down to ''well have you tried hard enough?'' and the answer is always no i have not tried hard enough or at all and this is always the case with the biggest issue's 

Maybe deep down life is very simple and i get tired of thinking too much.

did u guys have this often?


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