Enlightenment isn't about me...

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Oh my God... I can peruse enlightenment, sure. I can do these meditations, sure. I can do the practices, sure...

I do it not because I want enlightenment but because it feels like a natural occurrence to me... But it isn't even about me...

As I continue, I will lose my friends, my family. the world...

I will have to face my mum and say goodbye. I will have to face my dad and say goodbye, to everybody...

I don't meant physically.. I mean metaphysical, consciousness, Awareness-ly?

They will lose me, and I will lose them.

As I peruse, I am not killing myself, I am killing everybody...

I kill mother nature, I kill the world, I kill the puppies?!

I think killing is harsh, I should use the word disappear actually... :P

I will literally disappear everything, and now I am scared but delighted because I feel like I'm finally making progress

It was never about me! It should never be about me?

You're not human, you're the universe

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