Pondering, Yes or No.

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Pondering.......... (Bring me cheese for my cheesey lair, we can share) Yes or No. I have noticed many similar recent threads, although was thinking about it a while a go. Being a fairly prominent concept? maybe there are books purely on Yes & No.........

Surveyor: Are you male or female?

1) Answer: Yes, it's is probably true anyway you have an XX or XY chromosomes.
2) Answer: No, the question is logically incorrectly stated, it should be an XOR statement. Else hemaphrodite.
3) Answer: Apache attack helocopter. (Helisexual)

"What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other word would smell as sweet."

By saying no, do we infact affirm all that we know including the yes? In contrast by saying yes, do we in part affirm the unknown? The very notion of saying yes or no, contains the notion of it being otherwise?

Looking at the etymology of the words No can be "Nihil" (Nihilism). Where as Yes, can have the connotation of "Make it so". An instruction in itself.



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