Spiral Dynamics: Red, Yellow & Beige.

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  1. 1. Spiral Dynamics Stage?

    • Turqouise
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Blue
    • Red
    • A combination

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Was wondering what people think of Red & Yellow as Spiral dynamics stages? Personally I think I'm a combination of Red, Yellow & Beige. Though I consider Turquoise to be hostile, or at least to avoid. After reading "1984" and the term collective solipsism, I think that is what Turquoise is, though was suspect of turquoise even before reading 1984. Green, Orange & Blue. I have little interest in as stages. Though to be more Yellow and decrease Red might be worth while.






Looking at a few diagrams online there seems to be a bit of a crossover between yellow & turquise in terminology. But at heart I think Yellow is Self Orientated, where as Turquise is group orientated. Given the decadence and addictions of the West I think, Turquoise is a potentially destructive stage, being the sum of corruption. On an unstable base. Maybe as a super organism it is the most highly evolved stage so far, but most highly evolved doesn't always mean better. As a mode of being in the world, I think spiral dynamics has merit.  Perhaps a conceptual way of understanding how to throttle as much consciousness, through being as possible. Not sure if consciousness is primary(Idealism), or neutral to "matter"/substance (Neutral Monism). Musing.

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