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The Journey Of Making My Life Purpose Real.

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I waited for her to come, but she didn't. 


The seer and the seen are one. If I vanish my ego, all that is left is pure seeing. It's so amazing and so insane, I no longer want to do anything. 

The hearer and the heard are one. As I meditate on my hearing, I no longer interpret sounds negatively or even positively. Sound is just sound; beautiful as it is. There is no need to add anything.  

God...what a beautiful word... 



There is no thinking. There is just a stream of thoughts, which keeps occurring. I am awakened on the level of almost all senses, but there is only one problem which is thinking. I need to work very hard on this one. 

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I am reading the book not knowing by Peter Ralston 


                                                           Natural Contemplation  

Any valid inquiry begins with not knowing, or else it merely serves to confirm what is already known. Making a shift from knowing to not-knowing opens up a space for new understanding to arise. Clearly, this shift is necessary for creativity, but many people don’t realize that it is also the basis for contemplation. 2:8 Contemplation as a meditative discipline is looking into some matter for oneself with the intent to discover what’s true about it. To some degree, we all contemplate throughout our lives, but serious contemplation requires great discipline, great curiosity, or great stubbornness. As a child, I possessed two of those three qualities in abundance. I would frequently set my attention on some puzzling matter and wonder about it steadfastly until something more was revealed. Around the age of six, for example, I became fascinated with the idea of time and began to investigate it. 2:9 Like most children, I lived in a pretty simple and yet continually emerging world so it wasn’t unusual for me to start wondering how it could be that “now” changed, and became “later,” but was still always now. I had to check this out. I sat on the edge of my bed and imagined a future of standing up, knowing that once I stood, the experience would be as real as sitting. Then I would stand, and find myself in the world that I had only imagined. Although I knew I was only imagining the future, the future kept coming to pass.       



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Working On The "I" thought. 


The "I" thought is the root for all other thoughts. If you deconstruct it very well every time it occurs, you will vanish. 

1) is my "I" thought really honest? Am I really an honest person? 

  •  Honesty about my name

My name is Muhammad, but I was called many names when I was very very young. I gave different attachment ( feelings, sense of "I") to my different names. A name is known by sight, hearing. who then gives meanings to a name? The illusionary "I", the "I" thought. 

Did I choose my name? No, Did the people who knew my name chose it? did the people who taught the people who knew my name chose it? no. If we go back from my birth to the prophet Muhammad. we would realize that nobody really fucking chose this name, including the prophet himself. 

My name is basically composed of arbitrary sound and sight which was given to me. It remained as It was repeated over time. 

  • Honesty about my nationality 

What is a nationality? You ask!! It is also a fiction because nations don't exist. There is only being. It is something installed for survival purpose. 

  • Honesty about ownership

 A man doesn't own anything at all in this life. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.  

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                                             Drunk in emptiness, you dance! 



"Happily dancing, you run 

Do not run without me 

Oh my soul of all souls 

Do not go without me 

Laughing with your friends 

You enter heaven 

Do not go without me 

Because of you, the two worlds are in ecstasy 

Do not remain in this world without me 

Do not let your hands shake without me 

The moon shows the face of the shinning sky 

Do not let the sky change without me 

Do not let the moon shine without me 

Do not let the earth round without me 

You are the light, you are the moon 

Do not shine without me 

The thorn is protected by a flower

You are the flower, I am the thorn 

I am a bow of your hammer 

The small stones are under your chisel 

Do not hit the stones without me

Do not move the chisel without me

Oh! The companion of te joy of the king 

DO not drink without me 

Oh, O guard on the roof 

Do not stay late without me 

Woe to those travelling alone 

You know all signs 

And you have walked all ways 

Some call you love 

I call you the king of Love 

You are beyond imagination 

You take me to some places 

I could never dream of 

Oh! you, the owner of the my heart 

Do not go without me"- Rumi

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After achieving my first goal, which is basically to find a job. Now I have the money to buy the books and start working on my life purpose. 




1.  Improving my speaking skills 

2. Improving my social skills at work. 

3. Improving my Arabic. 




1.  Writing in two pages in Arabic everyday. 

2. Working on my ability to share  the concepts of my life purpose. 


How much am I align with my top 10 values? 


1. Truth: 20/100

2.  Consciousness: 20/100

3.  Mastery: 40/100

4.  Being a good force; 20/100

5. Excellence; 30/100

6.  Honesty: 50/100

7.  Simplicity: 80/100

8.  Growth: 50/100

9.  Appreciation of nature: 60/100

10.  Independence: 60/100 


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Create a compelling Vision.

2. Trust in the Principles:

• Mastery • Consciousness and Awareness • Life Purpose and Passion • Nascent Passion • Power of Vision • Hard work • Extreme Ownership • Radical open-mindedness • Truth,Beauty,Unconditional Love • Importance of existential investigation

• Spiral Dynamics Outline for all success: 1. Vision 2. Research 3. Hard work 4. Consistency 5. Success Quotes: •

"Make yourself extraordinary when everyone around is ordinary"

"Passion is coming from you, from the inside to the outside" •

"Make your life a hero's journey" • "With adventure always comes risk" •

"Use your vision and principles to carry you through tough times" •

"To survive is to live a passionate existence ...and without that you don't wanna live" •

"Why bother? -Cuz what's the alternative?"

• "To make a decision in life is to exclude every other alternative possible"

• "When feeling like quitting, double down"

• "Life is a totally pointless game and yet it must be played with dead seriousness"  






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Love...Oh dear friends!  is a secret to those who reads it 

Those who didn't taste do not know the taste of Love 

And those who don't cry are not generous,..those who don't cry were never lost 

The heart dances....

All is because of Love

Listen to me 

Listen only to God

Love is the reason for your existence 



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Hi! It is been a whiiile since I wrote here. A lot has been going on...

The integrity of living aligned with my values and life purpose is getting stronger day after day..


1. Truth, Learning, wisdom

2.  Independence: 100%
3. Honesty: 75%
4. Mastery: 75%
5. consciousness: 50%
6. Simplicity: 60%
7. Growth: 75%
8.  Being: 40%
9.  Appreciation of nature: 75%
10. Being a good force: 30%




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