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This community is built to enable self-actualization. More than just a place to hang out and blabbermouth, this is a call to transform your life. Make your life count, seek the profound, inspire others to do that same, and die with a smile on your face, knowing you lived well.

Self-actualization is a nuanced attitude towards life.

Here are our community values -- the things we care about most:

  • Practical, no-bullshit, results-driven personal development
  • Self-improvement as a way of life
  • Truth/Reality/Consciousness/Enlightenment
  • Openmindedness
  • Authenticity/Honesty
  • Developing awareness & mindfulness
  • Emotional awareness & mastery
  • Understanding of diverse viewpoints, treating them with all with equanimity
  • Meditation & deep introspection
  • Embracing paradox & uncertainty
  • Being vigilant of our infinite capacity for self-deception in all its forms:
    • Dogma
    • Black & white thinking
    • Superstitious thinking
    • Warping of our worldview due to ego & personal bias
    • Narcissism
    • Vanity
    • Hedonism
    • Group think & social conditioning
    • Arm-chair philosophy
    • Academic snobbery or technical argumentation
    • Debate
    • Acting superior
    • Judging/criticizing others
  • 100% responsibility: holding yourself to a higher standard than anyone else
  • Concern for the well-being of humanity and the larger ecosystem
  • Passion for life
  • Being a positive leader & role-model
  • Walking your talk
  • Hard work: recognizing that it takes massive effort to become successful
  • Long-term thinking: investing in yourself
  • Finding your true life purpose
  • Staying on track with your purpose after you've found it
  • Becoming world-class at what you do
  • Creating financial success, creative autonomy, freedom, and lasting fulfillment
  • Unleashing your full potential
  • Helping others unleash their full potential

"Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself." -- Rumi

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