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Dear Leo,

I'm still enjoying your videos tremendously, especially those mindfuck, paradox, and absolute infinity video. The Guided Meditation video is one of the most effective instructions I've come across. I love your videos and the contents you're sharing so freely that I have to buy your book list just as a small token of appreciation. I don't know if you can even go deeper than your public YT videos, but I'm willing to join a Patreon platform just to access more radical and deep materials that might not suitable for public audience.

Would you consider doing a video on Dzogchen, where you being the Master, slowly talk and unravel the illusion of self in the viewer? Many have claimed to reach Enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism through Dzogchen. Even those who get a glimpse of Enlightenment has such a clear realization that they can always come back and work on stabilizing in that Nondual state.

Thank you very much!

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