(book) Rose of the World by Daniil Andreev (10/10)

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If you interested in understanding different concepts of spirituality and religious cosmology that you never really could understood before in integral and holistic way, this is your book. This book is based purely on direct spiritual experience of Daniil Andreev. The author had experienced profound states of consciousness similar to what Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus might had, where he received actual information. Unlike many other books on such topics, this one is not based on hearsay or new-age ideas, everything is from experience and you can feel authenticity and high quality of truths that book provides just by reading it. This book is not common thing, its quite unique and no wonder that it is very popular in Russia. He has accessed things that enlightens our understanding of how world is structured. Things like karma, reincarnations, heaven, hell, different dimensions, myths, religions, messiah, antichrist, entities, structure of human soul, future and past of humanity and various mechanisms and principles that govern our world - all of that and much more. The author had literally gave up his life to write this book and other works, he was imprisoned by Stalin and died shortly after his release from prison. Note: its quite big book and its full of terminology, you have to invest some time if you want to fully grasp it.


In picking up this book, you are about to embark on a fascinating journey. It is a journey to places where, according to the author, many of us have already been but about which we have forgotten. It is also a journey within, into that psychological space where our ideas and beliefs about God, spirituality, and religion reside. During both journeys, we are likely to encounter wonder and recognition, skepticism and acceptance, rejection and admiration, confusion and long-sought understanding. For some, this journey will be the start of a much larger one; for some it is but one more leg of a journey undertaken earlier; in any case, The Rose of the World is not a final destination." Completed in 1959, hidden from the Soviet secret police for twenty years, The Rose of the World was first made public through excerpts in the magazine Novy Mir in 1989. The Rose of the World is a unique and poetic cosmological treatise, passionately written out of personal spiritual experience. It offers a prophetic call for the spiritual reunification of all people and an open and harmonious relationship among the great world religions. For Daniel Andreev, The Rose of the world is a spiritual flower whose roots are in heaven; each petal is a unique image of the great world religions and cultures, and the whole flower is their joint co-creation with God.


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