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Just some self-esteem notes if anyone is interested



Self Esteem is only inner. It's about how you feel about your self and how comfortable you are with your self. You cant get the validation of your self-esteem from anyone. If you tell your self you are attractive, but also need people to verify that to fully make it true for you. That is not high self-esteem that is low self-esteem. It's all an inner game. If you truly believe you are attractive, if you truly believe your the best, if you truly believe you can get what you want, then it is so. What reality is, is how you feel about yourself. people respond to that instead of what is actually true.



Judgment derives from low self-esteem or fake self-esteem. when someone criticizes you its a defensive mechanism for them self. Someone can be confident assertive and popular but still have a poor foundation and not like them self. They are always looking around to uphold their self-image and if they lose it they will be destroyed. Individuals with high self-esteem just cant hardly criticize others. they have no time for that they are consumed in them selfs to even stop and notice. High self-esteem individuals notice other high self-esteem individuals. They lead by example.


To have high self-esteem you have to be content with loneliness. If you can be happy with yourself I believe that is a good indication you have high self-esteem. It is all inner work. Do not raise self-esteem by approval, popularity, and materialism. Nothing that can be taken away. You must be happy with no one nothing. only yourself and how you feel about yourself. Nothing external can create high self-esteem. Do not get addicted to approval like I did!!!


Building self-esteem is a painful process. It requires you to look inward and requires complete honesty about where you stand. People become addicts of all kinds to avoid being conscious. People just sleepwalk through life. To build self-esteem one must not just know about it intellectually but to be conscious of it in there day to day life. That is the only way to fix it. There is always room to improve. You must look deep inside and be open to be wrong and to learn. You have to be truly interested in yourself and your feelings. Curiosity is a good way to improve your self-esteem.


Once you start living consciously you are able to start practicing self-acceptance. Self-acceptance requires a lot of consciousness and introspection. without consciousness self-acceptance is impossible. It's a mind game that requires a lot of contemplation and unwiring. Within your consciousness, you are the most important thing. If you don't value yourself what good can you do for anyone and the world? If you were the last human on earth would you have low self-esteem? You must be your own best friend. You know you best. Be a little selfish!!! In the end, you have you and only you. So be nice to yourself and love yourself. Why not? If you ridicule yourself is that going to change anything? The clock is ticking you will be dead soon enough. Accept what you cant change, improve what you can. You are the most important thing in your reality. You are sculpting your own life.  You don't have to like your flaws and mistakes but you can be at peace with them.  You must feel your negative feelings fully and accept that they are there. 


Thinking independently is a good sign of high self-esteem. You are on your own in the world. No one really cares if you succeed or don't succeed. A lot of people including myself just wait around to be spoon feed. No one is coming, no one ever will. A person with high self-esteem does not wait around for validation to do something nor do they follow the herd. they think for themselves and make there own analysis on what to do with there lives. You and only you are responsible to change your life. 


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