Enlightenment And Immortality Of Body

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I am deeply suspicious that enlightened persons in history, especially hardcore ascetics like yogis and sufis, only pursued enlightenment because they just wanted truth and wanted to eliminate suffering. These things good but once you got them, why still be ascetic and practice it so hard?  Just for the matter of never suffering and always being connected to god aka feeling nice ? Or living longer? But ok you can get yourself until 120 most. So was their motivation simply live long and happy but eventually be dead? You know I think there is something wrong, I think they achieved immortality or managed to live extremely long like 500 years (religious myths often talk about longevity of some important people, e.g. Adam lived 900 years). Because then their commitment gets really clear. 


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Edhart Tole I think talked how meditation has effect on repairing damaged cells and DNAs, which is key of staying alive and young


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