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Your Wish Is Your Command!

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Hi Leo,

I would really love to hear your take on the Law of Attraction from Kevin Trudeau's point of view. He has a cd set called "Your Wish Is Your Command".  I've been watching his videos for the last 4 months and I was actually able to manifest a very successful romantic relationship using his techniques in conjunction with my vision board and using Reiki spiritual energy.

 I haven't been open about it on the forum  since I wasn't sure if other forum members were ready to listen or understand it. Although I would love to manifest that into reality for others to enjoy because everyone deserves to be a success.   I figured you would want to open that door of opportunity for others to be "creators" and manifest their reality especially since it can be used to manifest enlightenment, and self actualization.  And it also falls within the the lines of "living the life of a sage".

(To sum up in a few sentences what has happened) I recently got in contact with a man who I've known for over 3 years and he literally drove across the country (over 2000 miles) in his RV to meet me and we have been inseparable ever since!!  I put him on my vision board and three weeks later using the techniques in Kevin Trudeau's videos with my Reiki energy I manifested him. No joke.... We are in love and we are also starting a hypnosis and reiki business together as he also is a hypnotist and reiki master himself. The synchronizations were off the charts with signals telling me to go for it.

Good questions to bring up in a video are:

Awareness- How your emotions effect your day to day life and what you create?

How does the law of attraction work? (Talk about the actual vibrations/frequencies of the brain that are projected into the universe every time we produce an emotion or thought. And how some of the biggest scientists and physicists of our time have proven and talked about the law of attraction working.

Explain why people attract negative things and situations in their life....that it's not the actual situation that they may have manifested but the emotional output that they had put out earlier that attracted the situation that they are currently in.  For example:  Worried about money attracts more lack of money....or more bills. etc.   A car accident may have made that person really angry and frustrated...but earlier in the day or at some point they literally created the same exact emotional frequency (feeling ) anger and frustration in something else they were thinking about.   You can also talk about how mysticism....or blaming other people for your situations....the economy, your parents, a cop an excuse..that you need to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for everything that you do and to really make the law of attraction work.

Explain the creation process-  How the stronger the desire you have creates a stronger frequency, and how your doubt blocks you from having what you want and that is why people never manifest what they really want.  They don't trust or believe enough so they block their own frequencies time and time again.

Have a great weekend! 



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