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  1. I really enjoyed it. To me it instantly brought up all models of spirituality which claim to be the right path. There is no right path for everyone , each has his own. I will watch more of his videos. Thank you!
  2. @BipolarGrowth I've actually looked into Buddhism quite a lot and considered myself a Buddhist for some time. But you surprised me with the dependent origination that one was new to me. Really like how you describe it. What really got me hooked on Buddhism is this saying of the Buddha: "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, Not even if I have said it. Unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." Open-mindedness without filters is the state of a child. Close-mindedness with filters is the state of most adults. Open-mindedness with filters is the best state for a seeker.
  3. I feel painful amounts of bliss right now . @Squeekytoy yes have you got any luck completely removing the ego? To me it seems like a strong habit that I try to stop. Btw hence my name here I believe its a play not a very serious thing. We sometimes need the ego as well. I found out that when interacting with others you have to assume a self. So you just play a role in society knowing its just a masquerade. I still do very long meditations just because I am always open to something new coming which was unknown before . That's what life taught me. And my highest goal was to find who I am really. I found out but it was unexpected. @Princess Arabia You can describe it in many words and people made careers out of trying to describe the indescribable. Have you ever read Spinoza? He describes everything as a process by which god loves himself basically. But dose it in a way of Axiom and Theorem. Which is like a math proof in words. @Ishanga The buddha said that that's out true nature.
  4. @vibv I get what you say. When you divide it to absolute and relative I completely agree. @LfcCharlie4 Yea I was mainly referring to the psychological suffering of being a "self". For me it was the worst kind of pain. Pain is unavoidable but when you are free of the ego your relationship to it changes. I think Leo said in one of his videos that Peter Ralston went to a dentist without any anesthesia and was able to feel "raw" pain and remained with a smile on his face the whole time.
  5. I believe that eventually everyone will awaken. Most of the "ordinary" people are not ready and don't want to. Thus I think that it will take long time before global awakening can take place. ( unless A.G.I magic as stated above ) But how will it look like? I was sitting for a long time trying to imagine , yet I cannot.
  6. Seek freedom instead of seeking knowledge. There is no correct point of view on reality, all points of view are glasses the mind puts over our raw experience. The statement above is also a point of view
  7. @Leo Gura I thought you meant us and had an ego reaction. Very interesting to watch. Always teaching even when you don't mean too
  8. @Ishanga The greatest suffering is psychological and is caused by misidentification with the ego. Pain without anyone there to experience it is just pain. You suffer only because you say "Its my pain". I am not fully free from the effects of the ego. The ego is like a habit deeply imprinted into our minds. To stop it completely requires time.
  9. @Ryan M The Buddha himself repeatedly stated that he is just a human and there is nothing special about him. You most definitely can progress inwards . Get closer to god as you call it. My way is simple: Just sit alone with no distractions. For as long as you have spare time for. I found out that when you sit and say: "Now I'm meditating!" the mind only gets more agitated. At first it felt horrible. Really an emotional torment. But with time it gets more and more pleasant. This is dangerous so do it in moderation. It may lead to depression at first as you might feel that you simply cant stand yourself alone. Most of the people cant. But if you are earnest in your desire to find yourself, you will break through the barriers of loneliness and boredom. There is much light on the other side.
  10. I think so too. I really liked what you wrote. I think that the mind has an important place in existence. It is there for a reason. Yet it is important to strike the right balance between thinking about reality versus actually experiencing it. Great leaps can be made by contemplation as well as observation. I am currently reading Peter Ralston's book "The book of not knowing" and he talks about the state of not knowing that precedes any genuine discovery. like what the zen folks say: Empty your cup.
  11. @Leo Gura I couldn't answer this one better. What will there be after death? More experience. What experience? You wont know until you die. All you know about what's after is what you have heard from others. Or a belief you hold. Unless you had a near death experience. In which case you might have gotten a taste. I personally didn't have one so not speaking from experience. The whole point of enlightenment is to die before you die and then there is no one left to die. Why will there be another experience after? The possibility of experience is already established ( You experience now ). After your death even if there is a void given an infinite amount of time a new experience will arise. Just as this one you are having now. But since there is nothing in the void to experience for you it will feel like you have died and experience continued without any interruption. I was toying around with the idea of ever lasting non - existence even wishing it upon myself and all beings. But there is a strange thing about reality: It just exists.
  12. @Blissout Sat with myself for long enough. Just sat on the couch . No goal.
  13. @vibv I remember how much the existence can hurt. And I don't think its perfect when people behead babies. Its a shrug of responsibility for another. As people doing consciousness work we must also develop compassion towards the suffering. Perfect and imperfect are concepts of the mind. Reality is neither. @Max1993 Agree. I had enough of his teachings though. I didn't seek to be happy but to be free. Freedom fills way better than happiness. Its chill. Quite. Expansive. And real.
  14. @Max1993 I really enjoyed reading. The big bang is a mind made worldview and as long as you are aware of that this is a very nice story to demonstrate that we have no free will. Yet the concept "No free will" is still a mind made entity which too dissolves. When Mooji was asked the question of free will he answered: "Its both a yes and a no." I think the correct answer will be " "It's neither."
  15. So this is my last awakening. Everything is one. Direct experience is the highest truth and it is all unified. I cant find myself in direct experience = I do not exist. Thank you and have a nice day Daniel.
  16. @Demeter The void puzzled me a lot and still does. How I got to thinking about it was one night when I sat and listened to trance music focusing on the silence between each kick. I have intuited the existence of the void by realizing where all experience comes form and where it ends. Before your birth - void After death - void And so with every experience in between the two. It materializes out of the void and goes back to it. But since itself the void is not an experience I cant say that I have direct knowledge of it only conceptual and through comparing it to my "nothingness" awakening. Yet I am certain that the void which comes after death is followed by another arising (whatever form it might take) since the possibility for such arising was already established through the very fact of your life emerging from the void that came before it. And even if you spend millions of years in that void before another experience comes, for you it will feel like a fluid continuation from the moment you died. From what I came to see the void as even god dose not persist in it. That is what baffles me. Have a great day! Daniel.
  17. Just watched it and thought some of you might find it illuminating. Good day/evening/afternoon
  18. @LSD-Rumi You are not overrating him in my opinion. These are some of the most beautiful pieces of art I have seen. Thank you so much for sharing
  19. @WeCome1 I hear you . You have changed my perspective. Now I want to become a psychologist and help relief others of their mental suffering. Namaste @funkychunkymonkey Exactly! You help the ones you can. If every enlightened being helps his/her environment all will be enlightened in no time. Enjoy your day Daniel.
  20. The bodhisattva is said to be an entity that almost gets to enlightenment, yet he doesn't go all the way and postpones his/her enlightenment until all beings are awake. In Buddhism it is held as the highest path one could take. But I beg to differ. There is no rush. If an entity has suffered enough it will awaken eventually. It is nobodies job to awaken all sentient beings, and thinking you can is arrogance. I am not against teaching, it can be a form of love. But coming at it with the mindset that you should forsaken your own enlightenment for the sake of others is just spiritual none-sense. Buddhism is a beautiful religion, but the bodhisattva ideal is flawed and I think it is a big trap. (Into which I have almost fallen myself) I wanted to end with J.R.R. Tolkien's poem: “All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be king.”
  21. Other entities can never be proven since you are forever locked in to your own experience bubble. Through the mind that is. Yet if you listen to your heart instead of the mind, You can start to see that its a whole new avenue of knowledge. You can feel that there are other sentient beings , not know , feel. So if I follow my heart I can definitely say that there are other sentient creatures. Just a point to think (or rather feel) about. Namaste <3
  22. @funkychunkymonkey I agree with what you have said. Its a beautiful post. Thank you Daniel.
  23. I'm ready to give up anything. Just leave me some coffee and cigarettes. I could sit on my sofa for all of eternity smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. But I feel the pull towards guiding others who seek themselves. Its just too much love to keep for only myself. The journey was so painful for me that I feel the meaning of my existence now is to relive others from suffering. If anyone here is in need of help on their path, emotional support, or simply someone to listen to you, I am here. Smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee Namaste