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  1. I mean, are there that many middle schoolers here? Maybe you can get away with it describing females under 18 (if you of course are also), but if you are older than that the proper term is "women". You're welcome.
  2. Wait, this isn't the Elton bio film?
  3. Are they anything like the Ministry of Silly Walks?
  4. WI they came in corrupted? [FTR I pity the poor fool]
  5. Do you have anything to back up the above speculations?
  6. What If "developing" yourself arises organically, without any effort required, at all? WI it thus doesn't require anything more than just letting go of attachments to things that ultimately never mattered/that you never actually cared about to begin with? WI It [Stage X] is your natural State, and you just Flow right towards it? In which case you aren't "developing" anything at all, just becoming your most Essential Self? Seems like the most natural thing in the world, does it not? "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." ---George Bernard Shaw
  7. LOL. Wilber had the basic 3 tiers/~9 levels framework in place by the late 70's. Beck ripped KW off, not the other way around; very rich and ironic for him to claim the opposite. Proof that apes can try to read philosophy, but typically can't understand it.
  8. You mean in addition to all of the crap that's come down the pike since just the first of the year? I don't think I can handle any more Truth.
  9. Do we really need THREE threads on the same topic in one week?
  10. I had a friend who underwent this kind of change--much more radical than what has been described so far. When I met him he was an environmental activist, part of a campus group who fought the administration's attempts to expand the campus into some sensitive areas [the entire campus is built on wooded marshland]. I recall reading a book on Christianity once [note: I am basically a hybrid pagan/Taoist/Buddhist, but was just trying to expand my horizons a bit]. He took one look at it, then looked at me like I was utterly crazy. But something happened when I left town for graduate school. As he tells it, he got into a wreck [him driving] which killed his girlfriend. His grief & guilt almost got him to pull the trigger on the firearm he had, but then he says she came into his mind in the form of a bright white light and got him to not do the deed, telling him that it wasn't his time yet. When I came back to town about a year later, he had gone full right wing fundie, spouting Dominionist rhetoric and listening to Limbaugh and Hannity the entire time. That of course would be going not one but two levels down [Green to Blue] I suppose he was a closet Blue the entire time, not an authentic Green, but damn this remains deeply puzzling to me. Esp. since I had a similar experience (also ostensibly involving an old girlfriend yes), but whose effect on me was 180 degrees removed from his.
  11. It may not be you. It is quite likely in these communities (having hung out in one which was pretty materialistic and atheistic) have endured a lot of JAQing off concern trolls (said forum had a regular parade of such coming and going), and when you sound just like one they will jump your behind, even if you are sincere. We also do have, as you intimated, the cemented mindsets in question from the regulars that you dealt with there. I say let them find out for themselves.
  12. I have. Risking drifting into New Age mumbo jumbo, it apparently was what they call a soul exchange. One soul left, another entered (tho in this specific case I have strong evidence that they coexisted for a number of years). Original personality markers became much more extreme and dysfunctional (where there was once insecure shyness, we now have paranoid secretiveness, for example).
  13. But in practical 3D terms it becomes very hard to find someone else. Someone else on your own wavelength, who has fully owned her own path, and who can thus handle the powerful energies which are typically engendered. I've only had one woman who made it to that point, and said energies as she told me herself started to threaten to upend her entire world and tear her psyche apart. Most sense the danger and end up bailing on me long before then. But that's ok, I now make love to the entire universe, in a sense.
  14. Personality typologies can be useful, but you can never be sure whether there truly are say exactly 9 types, or 16, or whatever-as in whether any vital dimensions have been left unexplored and thus undocumented and unmeasured by the typology in question. I will say that the Enneagram is more useful than many others because (at least as promulgated by Don Richard Riso) it often encompasses the third (vertical) dimension of growth (or decay).
  15. There are several threads being woven here when anyone discusses "Twin Flames"--not all are substantial, many are mutually exclusive. You have any given Soul Connection between two individuals (of course any relationship can be said to embody "soul" at some level, even if severely debased), each of which may have certain unique and numinous aspects/phenomena happening between them-"Twin Flames" are likely a subset of them. Ultimately, no outside observer can say anything about their experience (i.e. you've gotta be there), but one can try... You have what passes for "Twin Flames" in certain communities. I once was a fairly active member of one such community, but so much of it ended up descending into negativity, angst, and other such dualities that I came to believe that only a very small fraction of participants there had actually met anyone of any real consequence (Exhibit A was how quickly the forum membership would turn over--for a connection which is supposed to be timeless, it's strange that someone would post on it for a year or so, then vanish and never come back). Most everyone there seemed to exist in this indefinite limbo where they have various degrees of contact with their Twin, but always in stasis, never any true coming together. All too often newbies would show up--and immediately be spouting all of the usual TF jargon right from the get-go, which when you think about it is rather strange... It is very very hard to find any tales of happily together TF's out there which ring authentically true, and they very rarely would show up and chime in on said forum either (the usual excuse there is that United twins have it all figured out and/or are too busy out there saving the whales or such to trifle with internet forums, which is horsehockey for anyone who has ever been in any committed relationship or knows of forums devoted to discussion of same). (Re)union stories as hinted at above were as rare as hen's teeth; if I ever saw such a post, I don't remember it. That all just raised the needle pretty high on my Doubt Meter, and I was forced to delete my bookmark awhile back. I especially am skeptical of certain very trendy memes that constantly circulate out there, such as the "11:11" thang (wouldn't each couple have their own special and unique idioms and symbols, and not simply reuse some shallow string of digits which by definition occur twice daily on any clock in the world?). You have "Twin Flames" as a set of theories, often put forth by those who may, or may not, have any real idea of what they're talking about, and who may harbor ulterior motives in so doing. The idea that one soul was "split" into two, and then decided to incarnate as 2 separate individuals, is problematic from certain points of view. As is all of this talk of "False Twins," "Karmic Twins," "Twin Rays," and so on, ad nauseum (you really need a scorecard to keep track). My take is that, yeah, soul connections occur all the time, but I doubt that the common TF theories can really explain them accurately. If the split theory is true, then, given the stories I have read, I think involution away from each other is the only viable explanation (i.e. they don't come here to reunite, but fall here in forgetting to escape each other). But other scenarios are possible... And then (going back to point number one full circle) I have my own personal experience. Words cannot do It justice, so I'm afraid I cannot say any more. I will just say that the "Disney" Ideal alluded to upthread is ultimately the final reality that exists beyond all false and distracting dualities, and it is my hope to realize it on this plane.
  16. So...if you've reached that point, do you no longer find "romantic" love, one person to one person, useful or rewarding? That's my question. Completely pointless at that juncture? The only (person to person) love I ever had (and now, have again) was NOT like you describe in your second paragraph. We instead simply flowed and tripped (flow and trip) doing whatever, in the present moment, nary a care for the (horrid) past or (unknown) future. And yet, it also led (the second time) to the kind of broader love you then describe, paradoxically enough...
  17. Pain and suffering are not synonymous.
  18. Man, the readership here sure does skew young. As a 55 y/o guy, I feel like Gandalf or Gandhi or somebody by comparison... I'd post my Entire Mad Magnum Opus, but nobody would believe me. And I couldn't really edit too much out either without losing too much...
  19. OIC, the twin chain link button is superfluous for YT...thanks all.
  20. I am on a PC, not a phone, and my monitor isn't touch sensitive in any event. Anyone else?
  21. Could SOMEONE please show me how to embed videos here? Every option I try, every YT code I use, just results in a highlighted URL. Is this a feature only available after someone has a minimum number of posts or something? Or do I need to be initiated into some sort of secret hyperlink protocol code that nobody wants to share? http://<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> [YouTube tPayQuTuZWo] ?????????????
  22. Good evening. Tonight on 'It's the Mind', we examine the phenomenon of déjà vu. That strange feeling we sometimes get that we've lived through something before, that what is happening now has already happened. Tonight on 'It's the Mind' we examine the phenomenon of déjà vu, that strange feeling we sometimes get that we've ... Anyway, tonight on 'It's the Mind' we examine the phenomenon of déjà vu, that strange... Good evening. Tonight on 'It's the Mind' we examine the phenomenon of déjà vu, that strange feeling we someti...mes get ... that ... we've lived through something...
  23. Depends on what you mean by "judgement." If the higher (define that whatever way you wish) notes that remaining with the other person would be counterproductive and thus feel they must end the relationship, is that being "judgemental"? How about if your lack of judgement leads to a co-dependent type of situation, or just brings the one person down to the level of the other one? EVERY single individual on the planet? I say this as someone whose idealism needle is usually cranked pretty high, but... Some are indeed evolving, but the vast majority are likely completely stagnant, and more than few have certainly regressed. Did Stalin evolve at all during his lifetime? Charles Manson? Bill Cosby? [just examples, maybe some did, likely that most such individuals didn't]